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First Crossbow Kill

by Brittany Boddington   |  June 20th, 2011 1

I had never shot a crossbow or any bow for that matter before this NZ trip and when I got the itinerary it had me listed as shooting a crossbow on a couple of animals. We were filming for the American Huntress TV show and I was pretty confused but Linda Donaho assured me that it was very similar to shooting a rifle because the crossbow has a stock, a scope and even a trigger. She was so right! It was a blast, you have the thrill of getting up close like a bow hunt without having to spend the practice time. Ya sure you do still need a bit of practice but nothing like the discipline you need to get proficient with a regular bow. I shot my arapawa ram at 45 yards and he only went 15 yards before going feet up! It was awesome!

Outfitter: Wilderness Quest New Zealand (Jonathan was a great teacher for a first time crossbow hunt)
Gear: Haley Vines Outdoor Clothing (Nice and quiet to move around in)
Weapon: Parker Tornado Crossbow 165 pound draw (Yes I did let him help me draw, no I didn’t want to)
Ammo: Blazer Lightning Bolt Arrows with Trophy Ridge solid broad heads 100 grain
Optics: Zeiss 10×32 Binos and a non-variable Parker scope, Nikon range finder

  • Walter

    Nice hunting stories, a pity you cut your hair though… I liked it very much long

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