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VIDEO: Greenland Reindeer Hunting

by PHTV Adventures   |  July 26th, 2011 5

On a summertime Greenland reindeer hunting adventure, Donna Boddington and CZ-USA’s Alice Poluchova show the boys how it’s done by taking a pair of reindeer.

  • Sherrill Neese

    Looked like a lot of fun. I'm definitely envious.

  • Bill

    I am an old bolt action guy, and I loved those one shot kills. I have let a lot of game go over the years, because I was not sure I could hit it, because it was moving too fast. However, I recently took a coyote at 310 steps as he trotted. .308 Win, 165 Nosler ballistic tip. Now I know I can do it, I may try a deer this fall. GOOD SHOOTING GIRLS!

  • http://windows7 Ben Petrone

    I am a hunter ,why is it that some hunters laugh after killing an animal.i really dont think it is a situation to laugh about yes it is a good feeling to obtain an animal ,but not to laugh about it as it were funny, espicially when an animal is taken and all the hunter keeps is the head or hide ,i think it is wasteful ,if you are not going to eat it or some one else is not going to eat it why shoot it EGO? or blood lust?tell me i have been hunting for over 60 yrs and never killed any thing that i did not eat, with the exception of coyotes as they are killing all kinds of wild life here where i live.

  • donna boddington

    It was eaten and it all was used, not wasted as you have said in in your post. The guides who are Inuits use all the meat and are very happy to have it. We also ate the meat as well. Why is everybody a critic? Let's be united. Your point is well taken on laughing. It is a reaction. I do not think it "funny". I do feel good when I have a one shot kill though.

    With respect for you and your years of hunting,

    Donna Boddington

  • Gregg Williams

    I saw the show i like it my question for CZ-USA’s Alice Poluchova has she every though of fishing! I was peterson hunting because i have a book by your husband, on guns and hunting! it great i learned a lot! Gregg Williams

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