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Video: Savage Lady Hunter Rifle Review

by Melissa Bachman   |  March 19th, 2012 3

I know we’re all about bows around here, but every once in a while a gun company manufacturers something just for someone like me….and that’s hard to ignore.

If you’re looking for a new lady rifle or buying one for the woman in your life, you’ll want to checkout Savage’s new Model 11 Lady Hunter. ¬†This rifle was designed with only one thing in mind, a perfect rifle for a woman. While designing this gun they didn’t just resize a man’s gun and add pink, but actually took the time to find out what features could be improved to better fit a ladies.

First, women generally have longer necks so a raised comb was added to achieve greater comfort when shouldering the rifle. ¬†Next, they didn’t just chop off the stalk but actually shortened the length of pull and thinned out the palm swell to better fit a woman’s hand. ¬†Lastly, this rifle is super light, weighing in around 7-pounds. ¬†With a large variety of available¬†chamberings¬†this is sure to be a hot seller for all the ladies out there!

  • Cindi

    This would be great for me…hint hint!!

  • A_pen

    Put a muzzle brake on it and you might have a nice package.

  • Tasty Protein

    Applaud Savage for creating a lady's rifle from the ground up.

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