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Family Time: The Joys of Daddy/Daughter “Wabbit” Hunting

by Conrad Evarts   |  June 11th, 2012 5

Alyssa and Cheyanne; Hunting Buddies with a Wabbit and a CZ USA Scout .22

I’m a hunter by culture and by practice. My daughter Alyssa is a hard-wired hunter. I know this because the guys I work with, the stars of Petersen’s Hunting TV, are hard-wired hunters. Yes, I’m bragging a little, but I had nothing to do with it aside from putting a thunderstick in her paw and dragging her around in the woods endlessly.

This weekend a friend and I started scouting for elk season here in Montana in the Nunyabizness Mountains. Our camp had three girls between the ages of 11 and 14, mine is 13. After dinner on Saturday we loaded the two younger girls in the back of the truck (OMG kids still survive riding in the back of a truck in America!?! Call child services!). We set my kid’s .22 in the cab, filled the tiny magazine and set out to troll the sides of the forest roads for wabbits. I have to say “wabbits” rather than rabbits because this is the official term for the animal amongst 11 to 13 year old girls.

My passenger soon eyeballed a wabbit in an opening sixty yards off the road on the edge of a super thick thicket of trees.  My girl offloaded from the bed of the truck, grabbed her little CZ USA Scout .22 loaded it, sawed 20 yards off the distance in her bedazzled blue velour hunting pants, brought the rifle up for an offhand shot, squeezed and missed. She worked the bolt settled the open site on the wabbit, hit it and lit up with genuine glee.

She scooted up to finish it and it makes it into the cover of  the very thick grove of trees. Our party fanned out to find the wabbit and I caught movement of what appeared to be a miraculously revived wabbit. I called for Alyssa but by the time she made it over I lost site of the critter.

She was relentless in her pursuit and eventually circled back around to her marker for her first shot and what do you know? There’s a live bunny sitting right there. She shot it from close, cleared her rifle and headed back into the thicket. The next thing I heard was, “There’s two Papa!”

Her only regret? She wishes she had played it cool when she discovered the matched set.

  • Kathy

    Way to go, Alyssa.. Your Grandma would be proud!

  • J bryan Nelson

    You know there is nothing better than a day out with kids teaching them about the outdoors, I remember my uncle Ralph teaching me about hunting and my dad about Fly fishing…my grandmother taught me how to cook what will caught killed…I'm 45 years old and those memories are before APPLE, Xbox, Mobile phones, flat screens…
    Great stuff!
    Bryan Nelson, from NC, but live in England now…

  • Dpadia

    My 13 year old has 2 preferance points and hasn't drawn a deer or elk licence in 2 years. How is that going to keep him wanting to go hunting? He's been going hunting with me since he was 5 years old. He was so excited when he turned 12 so he could hunt himself but all he can legally do is walk with me. I think that all first time hunters under 18 should automatically get a license. Give them the chance to hunt, carry their weapon like they have seen their parents, older siblings, other family members and friends do. Don't put them into a draw and have them be disappointed. It is so wonderful to see kids follow in their parents footsteps, like the kids above, but it's frustrating when they get a little older and can't move on to bigger and better things.

  • Ron

    Great job, hunting rabbits is a great way to get the youngsters in the field. Love the streching of the hides. Good luck Elk hunting.

  • Austin

    Nice job alyssa

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