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10 Best Moments from Petersen’s Hunting TV

by PHTV Adventures   |  December 11th, 2012 2

With marquee hunts from around the globe featuring some of the most experienced hunters in the world, Petersen’s Hunting TV has had its fair share of memorable moments. From Alaska to Africa with guys like Craig Boddington and Mike Schoby, PHTV has covered some serious territory. To celebrate that success, we’ve compiled the 10 best moments from the last two years. Pull up a chair and enjoy as PHTV takes you around the world for the best that hunting has to offer.

  • just wondering

    At 2:00 into the video what kind of animal was that? I want to say a musk ox and what's this place called that you killed it at, also what kind of rifle was used?

  • Donna Boddington

    It is a Musk Ox and it was hunted in Greenland using a CZ rifle.

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