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Outfitting Your Trophy Room

by Randy Hynes 0

An accumulation of magnificent taxidermy, animal hides, sporting art and worn leather furniture adorned the room. He laughed heartily while… more »


He Collected His Money

by Craig Boddington 0

I can honestly say that I have never gotten into serious trouble with a buffalo. In fact, I went thirty-five… more »


Fred Eichler’s Narrow Escapes

by Fred Eichler 0

The sow charged us with amazing speed, her ears laid back and mouth wide open. We all froze in fear…. more »

hunting saskatchewan sandhill crane

Crane Wreck

by Kali Parmley 0

Hunched over in the narrow ground blind, I clutched the matte black semi auto between my hands. The steel was… more »


Best States for Mountain Lion Hunting in 2016

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Secretive, stealthy, and extremely wary, the mountain lion is perhaps the most elusive game in the Americas. Also known as… more »


Rocky Mountain Redemption: Part 2

by Keith Wood 0

To see how this journey began, check out Rocky Mountain Redemption: Part 1. We return now to where this story… more »


Rocky Mountain Redemption: Part 1

by Keith Wood 0

“There he is,” D’Arcy whispered as we caught a glimpse of the buck across the rolling sage. We squatted in… more »


Best Winter ATV Maintenance Tips

by Peter B. Mathiesen 0

Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your ATV running strong even in the coldest temperatures I live in Alaska,… more »


6 Tips for Planning a Coues Deer Hunt

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Coues deer are tiny, desert-dwelling siblings of the common whitetail. Properly, they are simply a subspecies, Odocoileus virginianus couesi, but… more »


Species Spotlight: Caribou

by Craig Boddington 0

Santa’s reindeer and caribou are actually the same animal: Rangifer tarandus, a medium-sized deer that circumnavigates the globe in the northern… more »

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