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Many military bases limit hunting to archery only making crossbows a great option.  (Photo courtesy of Aaron Carter)

Hunting Inside the Perimeter

by PH Online Editors 0

A primer to hunting white-tailed deer and other wild game on military bases By: Aaron Carter Though I was anticipating… more »


Set Your Sights on Saskatchewan

by David Draper 0

As we drove northeast out of Saskatoon, the snow drifts along the roadside got deeper and deeper. Just a few… more »


Central Montana Hunting Classics

by Jack Ballard 0

There may be no such thing as an elk factory, but that’s the term a regional wildlife manager with the… more »

Manitoba for Moose Russ Mehling

Manitoba for Moose

by Brad Fenson 0

The cool autumn air wafted with a unique medley of the forest scents. The decaying aspen leaves were noticeably musty,… more »

The Hunt for Manitoba’s Big Bruins

The Hunt for Manitoba’s Big Bruins

by Brad Fenson 0

Two hours after I had settled into my stand, I caught a glimpse of black ears far into the oaks…. more »


Manitoba Has Hunting at Its Heart

by Brad Fenson 0

Walking along a forest trail, I come upon a large wetland, where a big bull moose stands chest deep in… more »


Best Travel Gear For Hunters On The Go

by Kali Parmley 0

When it comes to traveling near or far to hunt, these five items will make your trip easier. Whether you’re… more »


A Disabled Hunter, an Ideal Rifle and an Elk Tag

by Joseph von Benedikt & Kyle Hogan 0

Oxygen is thin at 10,200 feet and the stars lurk close, thinly lighting the pre-dawn darkness in elk country. As… more »


The Poor Man’s Bighorn

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

It was not huge, but the aoudad ram, standing a whisker over 500 yards away up a shockingly steep slope,… more »


A Miss, a Muzzleloader and a Speed Goat

by Kali Parmley 0

I missed. I could see the dust settling behind the very confused speed goat that I had rudely awoken from… more »

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