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10 Most Extreme Hunts in the World

by Doug Howlett   |  January 23rd, 2012 3

While mothers everywhere often fret over letting their children march off into the wilderness with their husbands or worry they’ll shoot an eye out with a Red Ryder BB gun, let’s face it: It’s that flirtation with the wild and untamed, that hint of danger denied, that appeals to our most basic instincts and supports the foundation of our passion for hunting and the outdoors. Few literally court higher levels of danger in our pursuits. Many of us are perfectly content to sit out an afternoon in a sturdy ladder stand waiting on a whitetail or crouch in the shade of a live oak awaiting the chance to take a poke at some tasty, yet harmless, doves as they dart over an open field — but not all of us.

Following are 10 of the wildest, most extreme hunts on the planet. Do one and you deserve the admiration of more sedentary sportsmen. Do two or three and we should all be impressed. Do them all and you get the honor of being a certifiable badass — even if you bankrolled the effort with the trust fund left by daddy.

  • Rory Steidl

    Still doesn't sound like much of a hunt to me. Me and my .300win mag…er, maybe I'd better go with a .338. Anyway, me and two heavily armed back-ups, standin' there, waiting for dogs to roust some poor, half-asleep / hibernating bear out of its den, only to be ambushed by a hail of lead upon imerging…may be a rush of adrenaline for some, but doesn't sound fair OR sportsmanlike to me. And…who is to determine in that short burst of action, which is a sow WITH CUBS and which is a boar? Sorry guys, but as a sportsman, that one embarrasses even me.
    Rory Steidl

    • Justin


  • Sherrill Philip Neese

    A lot of these hunts look real interesting and very tough. The hog hunt though is not "extreme" at all. It would be one thing if they threw you in a pit where it man vs pig and the pig was pissed and had some huge tusks… that would be extreme! Normally though, the pig is just trying to get the "hell outta dodge" and has no desire to fight anyone. Is it exhilarating? Yes. Extreme? No. Same thing with the alligator hunt. You ride around on a boat and shoot at them with a bow. Exhilarating? Yes. Extreme? No.
    Now, saying the above, the Pakistan hunt, the Cameroon hunt, going after dall sheep and mountain goats, the grizzly hunt with a bow… the brown bear hunt… I can see those as being just "a tad" extreme. :-)
    Excellent article. I am motivated.

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