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Amazing Taxidermy at the 2013 SCI Convention

by Ben OBrien   |  January 24th, 2013 5

The Safari Club International Convention is the ultimate show for hunters. From the luxurious to the obscenely ornate, SCI hosts some of the most intriguing exhibits in the outdoor world.

This year’s convention took over Reno, Nev., to connect outfitters and manufacturers from six continents with high-class clients looking for the ultimate adventure and the best guns money can buy. We spotted several Wesley Richards masterpieces, a Merkel double rifle in .470 Nitro worth $35,000 and even one of John Rigby & Company’s guns that will bring in well over six figures, not to mention a dream Marco Polo Sheep hunt in Tajikistan.

Since the underlying theme at SCI seems to be extravagance, it stands to reason that the taxidermy on the floor would meet that qualification. That would be the understatement of the decade.

If you’ve never been, it’s worth the trip to the SCI show just to check out the mounts. But if you can’t make it, take a look at our gallery of some of the most amazing taxidermy we’ve ever seen.

  • terry

    unbelivable,they are great

  • Trish

    I believe the trout with a saddle is actually made with leather. It's phenomenal.

  • Patricia

    Please post pictures of North American game too.

  • Bryan

    I got to see this animals first hand at the SCI show, I will tell you that these pictures DO NOT do justice to the Taxidermist of these mounts!!!! They are beyond beautiful. Hands Down!

  • CarroBiverman

    All these animals looked a lot better when they were alive. I can’t help but laugh at the ‘exciting’ mount of the ferocious lion when the truth is it was probably eating or just wandering along when it was shot.

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