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Slug It Out: The Best Whitetail Slugs for 2014

by David Draper 0

I can’t explain  it, but it is an indisputable fact that some of the biggest whitetails are shot in states… more »


How Ballistics Are Affected Out West

by Joseph von Benedikt 4

Some years ago my buddy Dave and I traveled from Illinois to hunt antelope on a high plateau in Southern… more »


.22 WMR Vs. .17 WSM: What’s the Best Rimfire Cartridge Right Now?

by Joseph von Benedikt & David Faubion 0

.22 WMR I won’t go as far as to belittle the, uh, little .17 Winchester Super Magnum. It’s a unique… more »


10 Best Predator Cartridges Ever Made

by Keith Wood 0

Due to a decline in trapping and the banning of poisons, predator populations are at record highs in most areas…. more »


Is the .308 a Viable Long Range Cartridge?

by Keith Wood 6

Everyone seems to be talking (and writing) about “long range” hunting these days, so I guess I’ll join the fray…. more »


Ask The Guides: What’s the Perfect Hunting Cartridge?

by Brad Fitzpatrick 1

One of the most popular discussions around any hunting camp is which cartridge is the best for a particular type… more »


The Best Predator Ammo for 2014

by Tom Austin 0

It’s no secret that ammo for your favorite predator or varmint rifle has been difficult—and oftentimes impossible—to obtain. Believe it… more »

Versus: The Best Coyote Caliber

.22-250 Vs. .223: What’s The Best Coyote Cartridge?

by Joseph von Benedikt & David Faubion 18

.22-250 A rodent cartridge is invading Coyoteville. Due to the popularity of the AR-15 rifle and the fast stream of… more »


Introducing the New 26 Nosler

by PH Online Editors 2

Nosler revealed its newest caliber offering, the 26 Nosler, at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The 26 Nosler… more »


The Best Hog Hunting Cartridges Right Now

by Brian McCombie 4

Hogs can be damned tough animals to kill. Yes, a bullet or slug that blasts into and thru the heart-lung… more »

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