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7 Best Safari Bullets Right Now

by Mike Schoby   |  November 13th, 2013 0

When hunting dangerous game, a lot is riding on a relatively inexpensive amalgamation of copper, brass, power and primer. After the hunt cost, travel, trophy fees, rifle, optics and related expenses, the actual ammo—the very thing that can stop a charge, prevent an animal from being lost or save your hide—is very, very inexpensive indeed.

In times past, the availability of true safari ammo—stuff tough enough to stop an animal coming in or going away was hard to find. In fact, it wasn’t long ago when the death of the double rifle was going to be because of lack of ammo.

But now, thankfully, safari-bound hunters have much more to choose from than hard-to-find Kynock ammo loaded with Woodleigh bullets.

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