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8 Best ATV Brands for the Back Country Hunter

by John Arens   |  March 21st, 2012 10

Every year we put in thousands of miles over all types of terrain determining what a vehicle can and can’t do. We want to see what it’s made of, how it handles different jobs and how easy it is to maintain. After all, we count on them during hunting season, too, and after another year of prowling around the woods and using them for everything from hauling firewood, whitetails, cinder blocks and hay bales, here is how the lineups compare.

  • greg

    this is a joke

    in true "back country" it is not possible nor often legal to take a motorized vehicle

    putt around on your fat ass at the lease in Texas – sure – I do

    back country? get off your ass and hunt

    they'll say anything to sell something……….

    • Sherry

      Hey, if I gotta go "hunting" than I want to have some fun! My husband can hike around all he wants….& he does!

  • Smitty

    I heard that good for nothing Bear Grylls was seen riding one of these back to the Motel, after a hard day in the Badlands.

  • Bobby

    some of us can't walk, or have limited mobility, so I find the walking comment offensive. I wish I could walk. Really, if there were a way to trade legs, I would.

  • Gary

    Bobby you are the exception, I agree with greg and smitty.

  • jack

    You'r probably going to have to pack some fuel barrels with you, because i don.t think that there any fuel stations out in the backcountry.

  • Johnny

    Jack does bring up a good point. Part of the basics says to be prepared for anything. I don't think anyone would want a fuel shortage to ruin a good adventure now, right?

  • bob logan

    Walk? Sure I walk a lot but try dragging out a moose 3 miles in the bush. All the while wondering when the grizzly bear is going to show up. Some years ago 2 hunters about 50 miles from us, shot a moose. Leaned their guns and started working on the moose. Sure enough griz got them. When the mounties found them after 2 weeks, there were 5 grizzly's munching on the moose and them. Rule one, always have a partner standing guard, rule 2 get the animal out as quick as you can. An atv sure beats pacing out on your back a 1,000 lb moose.

  • Pete Olsen

    These thing scare more game than anything else out there. We try and get as far as we can from the “dust buggys”

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