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The Science of Sight: What Whitetails Can Really See

by Ben OBrien 6

How much do we really know about how deer experience the world around them? Not much, according to Wildlife Biologist… more »


Smith & Wesson M&P10 Review

by Ben OBrien 1

The area surrounding Del Rio, Texas, does not look like sheep territory…not even close. This is pure on-the-border Texas brush… more »


Navigating the October Whitetail Lull

by Ben OBrien 0

Do you believe in the October lull? It’s a question every dedicated whitetail hunter has had to tackle at some… more »

Dan Perez's Whitetail Properties is at its core a  business, but they're not only making money, they're making a difference in the whitetail industry.

Whitetail Populations in 2014: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

by Ben OBrien 2

This nation has always treasured the white-tailed deer. There’s no arguing that. But it seems that we are more than… more »


Hunter Shaming is a Real Thing; Kendall Jones Won’t Be the Last Target

by Ben OBrien 25

I sat at the bar in Dallas, Texas, a few months back, enjoying an adult beverage with a fellow hunter… more »


The Golf Ball Method: How to Skin a Deer in Less Than Five Minutes

by Ben OBrien 7

(Illustrations by Mike O’Brien) There are a lot of ways to skin a deer. Other than the presence of a… more »


Blades of Steel: Nate Runals’ Custom Knives

by Ben OBrien 0

Some things are just easier to accomplish with a hammer and an anvil. It’s a simple notion for sure, but… more »


The Meat Eater Revolution

by Ben OBrien 3

I’m just going to come out and say it: Right now intellectual foodies might just be saving hunting. Some call… more »


Why Antis are Wrong About Corey Knowlton & Hunting the Black Rhino

by Ben OBrien 33

The fierce and unrelenting attack on hunters around the world continued this week, but this time antis have a new… more »


HUNTING Ranks the Best States for Meat Eaters

by Ben OBrien 4

Hunting is a lifestyle. A coworker living in the vicinity of HUNTING’s home office here in the Midwest once remarked… more »

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