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Recipe: Carolina Gold Wild Hog Sandwich

by David Draper 0

There are two subjects sure to start a fistfight in hunting camps across the Southeast—football and barbecue. I’ll leave the… more »


Recipe: Venison Jalapeño Country Sausage

by David Draper 0

Making savory venison sausage isn’t difficult. And while some might think the process of making sausage is time consuming and… more »


The Lost Art of Wild Game Sausage

by David Draper 0

Tubed meat gets a bad rap. Consider the much-maligned hot dog and its vile reputation as the endgame for pig… more »


Six Scrumptious Venison Marinade Recipes

by David Draper 0

A big chunk of venison backstrap needs little more than a pinch of sea salt and a few turns on… more »


Recipe: Spicy Asian Turkey Jerky

by David Draper 0

In the jerky world, beef gets all the glory, with venison coming in a close second, especially in the hunting… more »


How Long Can You Freeze Meat?

by David Draper 0

Whether it comes to us covered in fur or feathers, the meat we hunters covet is a valuable commodity. Even… more »


A Very Merry Chris-miss

by David Draper 0

The canyon I’d been hunting that year wasn’t far from the farm. Near enough, in fact, that I knew I… more »


2015 Western Upland Game Planner

by David Draper 0

Out West, big game gets all the glory, but the left half of the country offers an unbelievable array of… more »


7 Timeless Tactics Every Hunter Should Master

by David Draper 0

Some hunting tactics transcend time. Regardless of how superior new hunting technology may be, there are some tactics that should… more »


Old vs. New: Have Modern Hunters Lost Their Skills?

by David Draper 0

In a world where boys can no longer be boys and pointing a finger on the playground gets a kid… more »

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