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Set Your Sights on Saskatchewan

by David Draper 0

As we drove northeast out of Saskatoon, the snow drifts along the roadside got deeper and deeper. Just a few… more »


Start-Up Scopes

by David Draper 0

From ride-sharing services to retail shopping hacks, the way the world does business is being disrupted by small, savvy start-ups…. more »

Elk Venison Wellington Recipe

Elk Venison Wellington Recipe

by David Draper 0

Throw it back a few centuries and eat like royalty at this year’s Christmas dinner with an elk venison Wellington… more »

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Try These Four Favorite Wines With Venison

by David Draper 0

The editors of Petersen’s HUNTING pick their four favorite wines to pair with venison (including one white). When picking a… more »

Despite their lack of antlers, cottontails, squirrels, and other small game are trophies worth sharing on social media, and with friends around the dinner table.

Game Cooking: Why Small Game Needs to be on Your Menu

by David Draper 0

Big game isn’t the only meat on the menu— squirrel and rabbit are just as tasty. My friend Alan cut… more »


10 Best Gear Items to Make The Ultimate Bow Camp

by David Draper 0

Bow camp can take many forms, from a ramshackle cabin deep in the big woods to a double-wide parked down… more »

Black bears have a thick layer of fat over
their meat. Plan on saving and using it
as an exceptional cooking ingredient.

Why you need to try black bear meat now

by David Draper 0

When it comes to eating, bear meat gets a bad wrap in hunting circles. But it shouldn’t. Bruins aren’t as… more »


The Ultimate Sleeping Bag And Pad For Backpack Hunters

by David Draper 0

Chasing elk in the mountains on a backpack hunt during the rut is the ultimate bucket-list adventure for many American… more »


Why Classic Game Recipes Are Still The Best

by David Draper 0

Finally, after years of recipes smothered in mushroom soup, wild-game cooking is having its moment. In fact, marketers might even… more »


Best Electronic Predator Callers—Tested and Rated

by David Draper 0

Electronic predator callers are the answer to fooling ever-more-educated furbearers. To give you the edge on the rest of the… more »

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