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Petersen’s Hunting Expert Picks the 10 Best Public Land Hunts

by David Hart 0

Throw a dart at a map of the United States and there’s a good chance you’ll hit public land. There’s… more »

Best Hunting Knives

Best Hunting Knives and Tools

by David Hart 0

Guns may have won the west, but the journey through the Appalachian Mountains, across the Mississippi and over the Great… more »


Ghost Cats: Eastern Cougars Don’t Exist!

by David Hart 0

Mike Fies was home getting ready for Christmas when his boss called. A woman not far from Fies’ home in… more »


Which Presidential Candidate Will Look out for Hunters?

by David Hart 0

It’s not just hunting season. It’s also election season. This year’s race not only will set the tone for the… more »


10 Tips for Every Elk Hunter

by David Hart 0

Nothing stirs a hunter’s soul like elk country. Towering granite peaks, rolling hills studded with glowing stands of aspen and… more »


Last-Minute Opportunities to Hunt Western Big Game

by David Hart 0

So you didn’t draw that coveted trophy buck or bull tag you’ve been applying for. Disappointed? Don’t be. A number… more »


Why You Should Plan A Western Hunting Trip Now

by David Hart 0

There are two types of hunters: Those who can’t dream of a hunt out West and those who dream of… more »


The Year of the Big Deer?

by David Hart 0

It’s a good year to be a taxidermist. Just ask Harry Whitehead. A taxidermist in Nicholasville, Kentucky, for 30 years,… more »


Women Hunters: Just Call Them Hunters

by David Hart 0

You can call Rachel VandeVoort lots of things, but don’t call her a woman hunter. And definitely don’t call her… more »


Are Politicians Crossing the Line?

by David Hart 0

How much money do state governments need? If Kentucky is any indication, they need just a little more. The state… more »

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