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Chicago coyote attack

Read & React: Coyote Attacks Chicago Boy in City Park

by Dylan Polk 1

Farmers and hunters have long lamented the problems coyotes present when it comes to livestock and deer populations. As it… more »


Read & React: PETA Selling Drones to Spy on Hunters

by Dylan Polk 0

In this high-tech age of constant surveillance, it’s not a stretch to think there are cameras watching every move you… more »


Read & React: Government Shutdown Bars Hunters from U.S. Public Lands

by Dylan Polk 2

In the state of Illinois, finding a good public hunting spot is about as easy as finding a 30-point buck… more »


Redneck Mansion Is the Height of Redneck Luxury

by Dylan Polk 0

We rednecks will be first to admit those double-wides we call home ain’t exactly the Ritz. It’s a little cramped,… more »

Siddoway sheep

Read & React: Wolves Kill 176 Sheep; Largest Attack in Idaho History

by Dylan Polk 14

Think reintroduced wolves aren’t causing a big problem for ranchers and farmers? Think again. Siddoway Ranch in southeastern Idaho is… more »

Giggles the Deer

Armed Wildlife Agents Kill Fawn in Animal Shelter Raid

by Dylan Polk 3

The actions of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in dealing with a whitetail fawn at a no-kill animal shelter… more »

North Carolina Gator

Monster Alligator Eats Husky, Killed by Public Officials

by Dylan Polk 0

There’s a reason public officials post signs in parks and wildlife areas discouraging the public from feeding wild animals: Should… more »


Colo. Town Considers Rewards for Shooting Down Drones

by Dylan Polk 0

Hey wingshooters, looking for something with a little more speed and girth than your garden-variety pheasant or grouse? Then have… more »

Travis McFatter

Buddies Share Poaching Photos, Win “Social Media Morons” Award

by Dylan Polk 0

We’re no strangers to people acting like morons online. Just putting a keyboard in front of someone is enough to… more »


Bayou Boys Poach Iowa Bucks; Win “Road Trip!” Award

by Dylan Polk 0

We outdoor writers know more than anyone how far some folks will go to bring home a trophy. If our… more »

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