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Keep it Simple: Tips for Calling Coyotes More Effectively

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Dawn came quickly, frost hanging on the sagebrush and growing in my beard. At the first traces of shooting light,… more »


.44 Magnum Love: The Ultimate Hunting Handgun Test

by Joseph von Benedikt 3

Choosing a handgun-hunting tool can be difficult. Do you opt for a single-action revolver, a double action, or perhaps even… more »


How Ballistics Are Affected Out West

by Joseph von Benedikt 4

Some years ago my buddy Dave and I traveled from Illinois to hunt antelope on a high plateau in Southern… more »


How to Draw Tags in the West

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

I want to hunt Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep so badly my teeth hurt. But did I put in to draw… more »


How to Choose the Perfect Bear Rifle

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Are you more likely to shoot a black bear over bait from a treestand hung halfway up a giant old… more »


Best Hog Hunting Guns Right Now

by Joseph von Benedikt 4

This year saw a surprising number of dedicated hog-rifle introductions from various manufacturers as well as the debut of several… more »


Why Coyote Contests Are Good for Hunting

by Joseph von Benedikt 39

When the long nights and winter snows have settled across North America and big-game seasons close one after another, predator… more »

2013 Big Game Forecast

HUNTING’s 2013 Big Game Forecast

by Joseph von Benedikt 4

With massive predation, horrific winterkill, and the effects of poor nutrition caused by way too many consecutive drought years, the… more »

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