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Seekins Precision HAVAK

by Keith Wood 0

The company known for scope rings and ARs is entering the 6.5 Creedmoor market with an impressive bolt action, the Seekins Precision Havoc.


Whitetail Ammo—Why it Makes a Difference on Deer

by Keith Wood 0

Here’s why hunting with a deer-specific cartridge is a smart move What do we want a whitetail bullet to do?… more »


New Crossbow Shoots Like A Rifle

by Keith Wood 0

The Ravin R15 crossbow offers amazing speed and accuracy in a compact design that shoots like a rifle I’m a… more »

The author with a Florida whitetail he took using a Glock long-slide 10mm customized by ZEV Technologies.

Top Hunting Handguns: Our Expert Shares His Favorites

by Keith Wood 0

Hunting with a handgun challenges you as a deer hunter. These sidearms are your best bet to get the job… more »


Tested: 4 Best Apps For Long-Range Shooting

by Keith Wood 0

These ballistic apps will help put your shot right on the money. Ballistic apps and laser rangefinders have taken the… more »

Steiner’s ShadowQuest 8x56 binoculars are the industry leaders in light transmission, delivering 96%+ available light to the hunter’s eye.

5 Things To Look For In A Great Hunting Binocular

by Keith Wood 0

I’m not sure how it is where you hunt, but here in the South, mature bucks are highly-nocturnal.  Even during… more »


6 Features To Look For In A Great Hunting Rifle

by Keith Wood 0

I often hear from hunters and shooters who only seem to care about group size when it comes to choosing… more »


5 Reasons This May Be The Ultimate Riflescope For Hunters

by Keith Wood 0

The trend in riflescopes today is toward larger, more-capable scopes with a wide magnification range.  These optics provide a great… more »


6.5 Rifle Test: 7 Solid Choices for Hunting

by Keith Wood 0

The Renaissance of the 6.5 cartridge has seen a wealth of new rifles come to market chambered in various 6.5… more »


5 Reasons Why You Need This Rangefinder

by Keith Wood 0

Long-range shooting has surged in popularity in recent years, thanks in-part to technological advancements in rangefinding units that have taken… more »

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