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10 Hard-Hitting Predator Rifles for 2015

by Skip Knowles 0

The coyote practically shined, nearly white and glaringly obvious sitting in the deep yellow grass 200 yards away, watching me… more »


Hunting Crocs and Hippos on the Caprivi Strip

by Skip Knowles 2

My party was off chasing hippo deep in the Caprivi Strip and had sighted two pods by boat, following their… more »


Clear Objectives: 5 Great Vodkas for Cold Winter Days

by Skip Knowles 0

The term “vodka” is derived from “voda,” the Russian word for water. That’s why it’s also the only liquor historically… more »


Big Medicine: Turnbull 1886 Review

by Skip Knowles 3

Vats of ink have been spilled by gunwriters over the decades praising the fast-handling characteristics of lever-action rifles, the rapid… more »

Snow Geese

Early Shoot-Up: How to Decoy Snow Geese

by Skip Knowles 0

A few months have passed since we did our part to save the arctic tundra, one load of 3-inch BBs… more »

Jennifer Lawrence Hunting

Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence Spills Squirrel Guts, Smashes PETA

by Skip Knowles 53

Pass the squirrel guts on PETA bread, please. The Hunger Games‘ mega-hottie and Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence is apparently as… more »


Meet the Ultimate Lever Gun: The .475 Turnbull

by Skip Knowles 5

What do you do with a beautiful brand new Winchester 1886 lever action .45-70 you finally bought after raiding your… more »

Busted poacher

Dumb Poacher Caught Red-Handed by Camera

by Skip Knowles 2

The shortest investigation in the history of poachers occurred when lifelong Wildfowl reader Charlie Long was out shooting snow goose… more »


20 Questions with NFL Star Adam Vinatieri

by Skip Knowles 0

Adam Vinatieri may be known more for his clutch field goal kicks in the National Football League, but not everyone… more »

Merkle Single Shot .270

Merkel Firearms Single Shot: A Teeny Tiny .270

by Skip Knowles 8

(Welcome to the Gun Crush. After coming to work for Petersen’s HUNTING and Intermedia Outdoors 10 months ago, I realized… more »

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