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Spot-and-Stalk Vs. Baiting: What’s the Best Bear Hunting Method?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Skip Knowles 0

Spot & Stalk Real men hunt bears at eye level, not perched in trees swatting mosquitoes and listening to Harlequin… more »


Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts Review

by Andrew Vanlaningham 1

There I was, sitting in a treestand just on the edge of a cornfield with pro hunter Wade Middleton. We… more »


Boddington: Hunting Water Buffalo in Australia

by Craig Boddington 1

On the first afternoon, we came to a broad floodplain stretching away into heat waves and mirage. Somewhere beyond lay… more »


Read & React: Idaho Fish and Game Seeks to Lower the Age Limit for Youth Hunters

by David Hart 2

If the Idaho Fish and Game Department gets its way, 10-year-olds would be allowed to hunt elk, deer, wolves and… more »


TV Host Steve Rinella Gets Charged by Moose

by PH Online Editors 5

Think moose charges aren’t a big deal? Ask TV host Steve Rinella what he thinks and you might get a… more »

Alaskan Brown Bear

Boddington: Hunting the World’s Big Bears

by Craig Boddington 2

Modern humans love statistics, and we hunters are as bad as anyone. We attach importance to certain numbers associated with… more »

2013 Big Game Forecast

HUNTING’s 2013 Big Game Forecast

by Joseph von Benedikt 4

With massive predation, horrific winterkill, and the effects of poor nutrition caused by way too many consecutive drought years, the… more »


Chef Lenny McNab: Best Cook in the West

by Ben O'Brien 0

The first time I met Lenny I stumbled into his kitchen, exhausted from a long day of traveling. Steam was… more »

Dalco Turner

Three Record Mississippi Gators Taken Within a Week

by PH Online Editors 1

There must be something in the water down in Mississippi—besides monster alligators. After the state record for heaviest gator fell… more »

New Mexico elk

Over 100 New Mexico Elk Found Dead on Ranch

by PH Online Editors 11

New Mexico wildlife officials are left scratching their heads after a herd of elk was found dead earlier this week… more »

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