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Nick Hoffman with Cape buffalo

Man on the Moon: Namibia Cape Buffalo Hunt with Nick Hoffman

by Jeff Johnston 0

The moonlit banks of the Zambezi River is a long way from the neon of Nashville. There are no concerts,… more »

Bear in tree

Chasing Black Bears Back East

by Larry Case 0

They capture our heart, our psyche, our spirit. The white-tailed deer is a wonderful game animal. Small game and waterfowl… more »


Spicy Asian Elk Venison Stir-Fry Recipe

by David Draper 0

Some like it hot; if that’s you, this spicy elk venison recipe blends the savory flavors of Asia in a… more »


To Hunt a Grizzly

by Craig Boddington 0

Craig Boddington shares his personal stories and gives insight on how to hunt a grizzly Snows had been deep that… more »


How Spring Elk Sheds Can Help Locate Your Next Trophy Bull

by Mark Kayser 0

Hunting for whitetail shed antlers may dominate much of the country, but shed antler hunters in the West look for… more »

Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe

Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe

by Lynn Burkhead 0

Have a freezer full of ground elk venison from your fall hunting trips? Never fear, the folks at Camp Chef… more »


Central Montana Hunting Classics

by Jack Ballard 0

There may be no such thing as an elk factory, but that’s the term a regional wildlife manager with the… more »

Blue Cheese-Herb Stuffed Elk Tenderloin Recipe

Blue Cheese-Herb Stuffed Elk Tenderloin Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley 0

Filled with blue cheese and herbs such as shallot, garlic, chives and rosemary, this stuffed elk tenderloin recipe will make… more »

Elk Venison Wellington Recipe

Elk Venison Wellington Recipe

by David Draper 0

Throw it back a few centuries and eat like royalty at this year’s Christmas dinner with an elk venison Wellington… more »

Photo by Al Parker,

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear to be Delisted from ESA

by Kali Parmley 0

After more than four decades, the Yellowstone grizzly bear is being removed from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) after population… more »

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