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Alaska Big Game

Anti-Hunters Slam Olympic Shooter Corey Cogdell

by Dylan Polk   |  August 1st, 2012 136
Corey Cogdell

This photo, taken from Facebook, shows Olympic shooter Corey Cogdell with a bull kudu she killed on a recent hunt in Africa. The photo, among several others, has ignited such an overwhelmingly negative response that Cogdell was forced to remove her Facebook fan page.

Olympic shooters are really making the rounds in the American media lately. First, Kim Rhode set an American Olympic record by medaling in her fifth straight appearance in the games, shooting an Olympic record 99/100 in women’s skeet shooting.

Now, another member of Team USA is making headlines. Alaska native Corey Cogdell — a longtime huntress who was listed No. 17 on the 99 Sexiest Olympic Athletes — recently posted photos to her fan page on Facebook from a hunt in Africa, as well as a few back in the good ole’ U.S.A.

Naturally, the anti-hunting crowd was there to tell her what a terrible person she is for practicing a completely legal activity. On Monday, one intrepid social media loudmouth started the Facebook page “Corey Cogdell Is Not Welcome In Africa,” in which some less-than-civil criticism has been levied against Cogdell.

That criticism in turn leaked over to her own page, which according to, was unfortunately taken down due to the overwhelmingly negative feedback, some of it downright threatening.

“I hope someone shoots your firstborn,” writes one user, Steven Carey Lassoff. How ironic it is that animal rights activists are quick to criticize hunting by calling it “murder,” yet will casually joke about shooting the children of those they disagree with. Yeah, that’s pretty open-minded.

Cogdell is still active on Twitter, where she still gets plenty of love from her supporters as she prepares to compete in women’s trap shooting Wednesday.

However, her absence on Facebook will be missed, and we’re sad to see a few haters forcing her away. To them we say, this is not how adults act. You may claim to be civil, but flooding Cogdell’s page with negative comments over participating in a vital part of Africa’s local economies and conservation efforts is immature, at best. Threatening her is just plain wrong.

As for Ms. Cogdell, we can only wish you the best of luck as you represent America in the games, and we wish you happy hunting when you return home. Remember, the America you represent is full of hunters, conservationists and those who care about our sport; we’re not all small-minded heretics.

  • Frank K

    Bravo! Resembles the one I took several years ago. Good hunting!

    • CDC

      America would not be here if it was not for hunters. The Piligrams would have died of starvation it was for the American Indians teaching them how to hunt

      • speakforthemnow

        And how many years ago was this? There is no need to trophy hunt just for a picture with blood smeared on her face for the "thrill" of it…Slavery was once legal too. The pilgrams had to hunt to survive. She hunts for a trophy. There's a big difference :)

        • applepicker

          I am sure you eat meat, How do you suppose the animal gets killed?

  • thehousedad

    Corey is a model for what young women in this country ought to be. Smart, talented and not afraid to get in the outdoors. It sucks that her FB accounts are gone because I was an ardent follower and supporter of hers.

    • thehousedad

      Look, we get it. You are against hunting. Guess what? We outnumber you and we don't really care about your opinions. So go back to whatever websites you regularly look at and stay off of ours. Leave Corey alone. Remember to stop at the post office and mail that check off to PETA so they can go kill a few more thousand dogs and dump them in a dumpster, before you stop off and get a few pounds of burger at the grocery store. But you really love animals…

      • guest

        You outnumber those that don't hunt? That's a joke. Non-hunters outnumber you wildlife killing terrorists by many, You hunters hate wildlife. You're wildlife killing cowards.

        • thehousedad

          Okay. Thanks. Have a great day!

          • Guest

            WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ANTIS ON A HUNTING WEBSITE. Bottom line, this is America, we are all entitled to our own ideas of what is right and what is wrong. You can have your boring, glued to the News channel, and I will enjoy my view of the world from a treestand. We don't go around calling anti-hunters any variety of nicknames we so badly want to, so back off. If it wasn't for us hunters the population of wildlife would be uncontrollable and downright dangerous. We aren't forcing our opinions on you anti-hunters, so stop flooding the internet with your life-threatening, vulgar, disgusting remarks about individuals you know nothing about!

          • speakforthemnow

            Clearyly uneducated… I have been called all kinds of names by hunters…Simply becauseI think it is morally and ethically wrong to trophy hunt :/ We are getting heard :) Her page is gone :) Couldn't take the truth.

          • Guest

            1. Being unable to perform a simple function, such as a spell-check proves you, not I, are undereducated.
            2. Yes, her Facebook page is gone, but do you really think that has any type of impact? If anything it fuels the pro-hunting fire. A comment about having her first born shot is in no way an acceptable remark to make. It crosses more lines than hunting could EVER.
            3. Without hunting and fishing, many states would be hurting for money even more than they are now. The revenue increase generated by these sports is so great that it can not be replaced by anything else.
            4. On what grounds do you find it morally and ethically wrong? Strictly a personal level? Where I'm from it is illegal to hunt on Sunday, and just about every hunter I know is in a church pew at 8am. If God is alright with hunting, you should be too.
            Examples: Genesis 27:3 Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me…
            Genesis 9:2-3 “All the wild animals, large and small, and the birds and fish will be afraid of you…I have given them to you as food, just as I have given you grain and vegetables.”

            So before you get all high and mighty think about this, you are fighting with the wrong crowd on a HUNTING WEBSITE. The bible tells us to hunt, right there in black and white. You might be against the sport, but to some it has a deeper meaning. When I'm up in a treestand, I think back to my first hunt as a child, with my grandfather who is no longer here. You have your reasons for being vegan, we have ours for hunting.

            Take your argument somewhere else, you have a 0% chance of changing any opinions here.

          • notahunter

            God is alright with hunting? Are you sure?
            So in paradise all creatures do not live peacefully together?
            Are you saying the biblical paradise is just a fantasy?

            How come hunters almost all call themselves christians, and seem to know exactly what god is alright with and not?
            Any one can extract quotes from the bible that suits them well….
            What about these:

            “But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or ask the birds of the air, and they will tell you. Speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea tell you. Every one of these knows that the hand of the Lord has done this. The life of every creature and the breath of all people are in God’s hand.”

            “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”

            And what about this one:

            “How long will the ground be dry and the pasturelands parched? The birds and animals are dead and gone. And all of this happened because the people are so sinful. They even brag, “God can’t see the sins we commit.”

            If young women in the USA were following this 'role model' the world would soon run out of animals, wouldn't it?. I guess that the logical step for the 'hunters' would be to go for human prey then? And call it self defense, protecting home & family?
            Nothing stops your urge, right?

            Yes, some people are so upset that they write stupid horrific things. But the only one really threatening here is Corey. And she not only threatens, she also acts her threats out, killing all those precious creatures.
            Corey Cogdell doesn't deserve to stand in the shadow of an animal; any animal..
            And if you are absolutely certain that nothing can make you change your mind, then your mind must be dead. Because a living mind can learn, will change, evolve.

      • speakforthemnow

        Actually, I am vegan so I do not buy meat at the grocery store :) We are strong and will continue to fight for the right of ALL sentient beings to live a peaceful life without some coward with a high powered rifle stalking and killing them. Sport is a joke. It's murder….Put down your weapon and fight like a man if your so brave…..I thought not. We will NEVER leave Corey alone as long as she continues to murder animals for the "thrill" of it :)

        • Guest

          **you're…who is undereducated now ;)

    • Guest

      Yes, you may be right, young women in this country should aspire to be drug using party girls that blow more money in a weekend than most people make in a month. To me those are the negative stereotype people this country should be worried about. As far as Corey hunting, I think it's great!
      This reminds me of a camp Uncle Ted Nugent had for youngsters. He told them his age and ask if they knew who Ozzie is, of course they said yes. Ted said Ozzie is like a year older but appears a lot older. He said it was because he put God's good protein of backstraps in his body, while Ozzie put other things in his. Corey, you hang in there and keep the faith!

      • speakforthemnow

        My daughter is a Registerd Nurse and was raised with love and compassion <3 Your idolizing Ted Nugent explains it all :/

    • speakforthemnow

      Actually, my children were quite upset when they saw the pictures of her over the dead animals and smiling. I raised my children with love and compassion for ALL sentient beings <3 A quality lacking in her home. Her accounts are gone because we will never be silent. I am part of the solution <3

      • thehousedad

        Thanks for sharing your opinions. You have a great day!

      • Guest

        "I raised my children with love and compassion for ALL sentient beings"
        ..unless those beings are hunters, then the gloves are off. –

    • gentlegiant

      If this woman's Sporting thrill is to kill animals is the kind of thing you espouse as an example to American women then you live in a sick society.
      The. wagon trains have gone and you killed most of the indians,there is no more pioneering to be done even in Afrca ! The world is more. about conservation than ego freaks with guns.
      The majority in the UK despise such people ans her kind are not welcomed in Africa either..if you4 gun sbssed society feels the need to kill sone thing i suggest she ships out to Afghanistan to try and bag a few Terry Taliban ..but hey watch out they shoot back and you aint used to that.
      What a disgrace to suggest shes a role model.

      • swopjan

        You wouldn't know the first thing about conservation.

  • desert shellback

    Dang…..wish i was in my 30's again.
    Corey,hope your Olympic adventures burn brightly in your memories and you continue to chase your dreams. Let the wackos and the unknowing ignorant spew their venom… are above them.
    -Desert Shellback

    • speakforthemnow

      Spew of venom? Have you seen the pictures of her father? That explains it all….

  • Bob F in Texas

    Wow! A hottie who hunts! Where was she 25 years ago!
    The "anti's" are just a bunch of losers with little "wee-wees" who can't stand others having success.
    This girl has the whole package, and it makes the anti's look in the mirror at their pathetic selves and what they have NOT accomplished in life. Corey — You Go Girl! — as the ladies say. Ignore the haters and continue doing what you are doing. You are the best!

  • John ODonnell

    Great Kudo and keep up the good work at the Olympics. As for those who would criticize and detrract from your accomplishments just remember all the hard work and focus you have displayed. Keep your head up and remain a proud and free Alaskan and American. You have much to be proud of.

    • speakforthemnow

      She has noticed us :) We will NEVER be silent!

  • Sharon McDorman

    I'm not an "animal rights activist" or even particularly anti hunting, but I cannot understand someone killing something for "fun" and the "thrill" Did you see the picture of her on Facebook with the zebra blood smeared on her face grinning into the camera? This is not the role model I want for my children, or representing my country in the Olympics…

    • freetospeak

      Perhaps you should inquire about traditions in hunting. It is customary to put blood on the face of the hunter in their first succesful hunt. It is a sign of respect for the animal. If you know anyone that has ever hunted, they don't simply shoot everything that walks by. Sometime you sit for days and see nothing. Do you know how much money went into the local economy with her hunt? Do you know the hunters and their guides are one of the best deterants to poachers? Do you know how many villagers she fed with this animal? The people of Africa want the hunters there. Perhaps a little research and an open mind may be more helpful next time. And as far as her not being a role model…you are right, someone dedicating their life to perfecting a skill and being better at it than anyone in the world is pretty lofty. Maybe your children shold just be democrats.

      • speakforthemnow

        Zero money went into the local economy Mr freetospeak. It went into the people who run those hunts. Did you know the African's have stated she is the reason they hate Americans? Did you know those animals have a right to live freely, without some coward stalking and killing them for the "thrill" of it? Jeffrey Dahmer killed for the "thrill" of it too.. What's the difference? My children are productive members of society, with love and compassion towards ALL sentient beings…Now THAT'S a role model <3

      • speakforthemnow

        She fed none. The people of Africa have stated they DO NOT want Americans there hunting and get nothing for it. You believe in the trickle down effect? It's a joke. Perhaps a little research on your part will open your eyes.

      • Gentlegiant

        More rubbish about feeding villagers…you have no idea do you – and your statement is a bit condesending to the people of Africa who you dont have the fainteset idea about. Pray tell me how much her blasting of the wildlife went to LOCAL people not the economy? she hunts on game farms and ranches, you try wandering onto one of them and ask for your share…Have you forgotten the Trump boys murderous fiasco? lies on lies exposed to the whole world..when you get a passport and get to Africa look me up I will be only too happy to put you right on facts. Oh by the way the African lion population in the wild has gone from 450,000 to around just 20,000. Fact. trophy hunters are nothing put destroyers not conservers.

  • Helen Chave UK

    Our Beloved Mother Earth is dying, she is crying out in agony and bewilderment. I feel her distress and I’m sure that many, many other people around the World do. We ALL live on this Planet, we all share the same air and yet, bit by bit, we are destroying everything in our path. Every act of violence that we inflict on Our Beloved Mother, strikes yet another blow into her already failing heart. Corey Cogdell murdered, in cold blood, an innocent, endangered Mountain Zebra (along with many other creatures) then had the audacity to smear it’s sacred blood on her ugly, hateful face. Environmentalists work tirelessly to try to restore some of the madness that we have created on this Planet only for cowardly trophy hunters (or any hunters) to go and shoot at will, at any animal that takes their fancy. Well, God does not like His animals being ruthlessly gunned down for fun. ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL’ said the Creator of All and it would be very wise to heed these words. Get this sorry excuse for a human OUT of the Games and OFF British soil!

    • Ironic

      What about the millions of unborn HUMANS that are murdered each year! The tree-hugging enviro-nazis only want to save the animals, not people!

      • Jason In California

        What does that have to do with Trophy Hunting? Nothing. And your use of the word "Nazi" speaks volumes about you. The last I heard environmentalists did not kill six million people in gas chambers. Shame on you.

        • speakforthemnow

          Well said Jason…

      • guest

        Yeah, but humans are not endangered in the least bit. There are 7 billion of us. Our numbers need to be controlled and managed.

      • Caroline

        The usual attempt bu hunters to conflate two completely unrelated issues. A common practice when people attempt to defend the indefensible.

      • jeaniepat

        @Ironic, maybe that is because animals are better than so called humans, they are worth saving. Humans should be called unhumans because there is nothing humane about them. In order to care about animals you certainly don't have to be 'tree-hugging enviro-nazis' which if you think about it is a contradiction in itself, nazis killed, 'tree-huggers' as you call them don't . I think people like you are enviro-nazis who just want to kill anything that moves (except unborn babies that is). Why do people like you have to choose between animal or human welfare???? In the 21st century we should all be co-existing and not killing at every opportunity for monetary gain or entertainment. These 'hunters' are not real hunters, they hunt in an enclosed area where animals cannot escape, they are bred to be killed and so are used to human interaction, hardly a fair fight for the animals is it?????

    • Mike from Dresden

      It is evident that you have a complete lack of understanding of hunting. That I can accept but I cannot accept your desire to impose your will on those who do get it. It is interesting to observe those who preach tolerance, have absolutely no tolerance for those who do not fit the moon-bat mold……..I really question where the true bigotry exists…..

      • speakforthemnow

        What is the purpose of trophy hunting? For a trophy at the expense of another sentient being, who feels pain and fear….Just like you and I do <3

      • applepicker

        You might as well talk to a tree, it will understand better than an anti.

    • ouhunter

      That has to be the most stupidest comment ever!! Endangered Mountain Zebra???? HAHAHAHAHAHA Ms clueless you need to get more educated before making bonehead uneducated comments like you have!! One question: Why do we have Game Wardens and Department of Wildlife Conservation's in every State/Country???????? I can see you have zero clue that if we didn't have hunting season's animals would –
      Overpopulate die of starvation & diseases, plus many would have to be destroyed. The Department of Wildlife Conservation job is the make sure each animal is at a safe heard/flock or whatever number so they have plenty to eat to maintain a health heard and if there numbers are down then they will change up the hunting season so hunters can't take as many or sometimes they will not allow hunting any until the numbers are back up. IF an animal is endangered it is illegal to hunt and will not be allowed to hunt!! PERIOD So your statement is totally false about here shooting an endanger animal!!! Shame on you!!! You anti-hunters talk about innocent animals but yet you'll be the first ones in line for a burger, steak, hog dogs, turkey burgers etc… Wearing your wool socks, leather shoes, boots, leather seats in your cars!! I have a question for you anti-hunters: Do you let your kids play sports???? Baseball, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball, Gymnastics??????? Everyone of them your kid will have to touch leather from a dead animal from the slaughter house!!!!!! A lot of you anti's will not think twice about killing a rat or mouse but yet hunters are damned for shooting a Deer, will we eat what we kill!! DO YOU????

    • Steve Girardot

      My mother' name is not earth. It is Mary, and she loves hunting.

      • speakforthemnow

        That explains it all. Thank God my parents taught me to cherish Mother Earth and all she has to offer and I, in turn, raised my children the same way <3

    • USA

      Before you speak for the great creator of all you might want to to do a little research…. Like the part of the Bible that say says "arise, kill, and eat". Hmm wonder what that could mean?

    • Ryan

      It's amazing that a functioning human being can display such idiocy. Trophy, sport, and meat hunting is the best environmental conservation tool we can use. If populations are not controlled they will eat themselves out of a home and the species will die off by their own doing. By hunting, we bring the populations to a level that the land can support. And when animals are taken in Africa, the hunter generally keeps the head, skin, and horns as a trophy, but all the meat and other parts are given to local villages where otherwise people are starving. And, if you ever actually read the original translations of the bible, it says Thou shalt not murder. And it was speaking about killing other Israelites. Murder of other peoples is encouraged. And if you want to go by an arcane and outdated manuscript, man is given dominion over the beasts to do with as he will…

      • swopjan

        Finally, somebody who understands basic game management! Letting animals breed themselves into starvation is foolish and hunting keeps the entire rest of the population healthy.

  • France

    Quote: "but flooding Cogdell’s page with negative comments over participating in a vital part of Africa’s local economies and conservation efforts is immature."
    LOL! You sir, have a great sense of humour. Now Cogdell is saving Africa!

    • applepicker

      Because of jerks like you.

  • Randy

    Congrat's Corey, 2 of my daughter's both hunt and have taken elk. I think it is better to take them and feed the hungry or feed ourselve's than let them go hungry as we take away most of there natural habitat. and God did put split hooved animal's for in our consumption.

    • speakforthemnow

      Read the bible….That is NOT why animals were put here. Start in Genesis, then lets talk :)

  • Ramona Stoicescu

    The first picture I saw showed an apparently very nice young lady smiling and being happy near an animal. I didn't understand that the animal was dead, I was not familiar with this thrill to kill. I was disgusted when I realized what happened. I respect life and I cannot understand how someone finds pleasure in killing innocent defenseless animals. This is not a sport, this is the definition of murder. It might be legal ( for the moment) but I remind you that slavery was legal, that women did not have the right to vote (this happens now in other conutries such as saudi Arabia), child hard labour was legal, burning witches was legal 200 years ago. By the fight of those that were ahead of their times all these have changed. Racism, sexism, speciesism.. all alike. Killing with cold blood is called murder. I do not want to offend but callousness, lack of empathy, lack of compassion is considered pathological ( I am MD and I talk from the specialist point of view).
    Our behavior and affect is not only genetically but also induced by cultural norms in her case I saw her father exposed his children to animal killing and they grew up that way. She can correct herself.
    Compassion to animals should be taught and learned in families and at school. People are influenced by leaders, artists, sportsmen … in her case she is a model for children that will grow up with this mentality. Animals are sentient, have families and care for their children. The anti speciesism movement is strong and we are more and more numerous. Hunting is the anteroom of death…

  • Nicholas Girgen

    she has every right to be in the Olympics she earned it she worked hard for it. hunting is for people who care about the environment they get out there and help make it better they do not sit behind a keyboard and attack people and cyber bully. most hunters care about how the enviorment is there not serial killers.

    • swopjan

      You never took Chemistry or mixed up some grape juice did you? It might help, you would learn about concentration. (Animal of your choice) may be threatened, but put 1,000 (animals of your choice) in a herd and taking one won't hurt the gene pool. Hunters might take you more seriously if you didn't make arguments based on how cute you think a zebra is.

    • Gentlegiant

      HAHAHA oh boy if you were not so serious about what you percieve as care for the Environment it would be hilarious..So by destroying creatures you are actually caring for them? then the passenger pigeon was a stunning success.
      And trust me I dont sit behind a keyboard bullying ive been to most of the African wilderness have you?
      Well better go and look because thanks to the obsession of so called 'trophy hunters' and corporate business greed its going fast. but please dont bring your gun, anyone caught near or wandering into a national park or game reserve is shot.

  • Anne Holt

    I think Corey is a very talented young lady who could do much good in lobbying for retainment of the right to bear arms, and in encouraging young people to learn to shoot straight IF and only IF she didn't hunt and kill animals, otherwise she's just getting the sport a bad name. There's just no justification for it and the anti- gun lobby gain points from this sort of behaviour

    • speakforthemnow

      That is an excellent idea Anne. She could actually do so much good if she stopped killing for the "thrill" of it. Funny they call us a hate gropu when in actuallity we are pleading for the killing to stop!

    • applepicker

      The anti gun lobby is the reason for so much killing in the country today.

  • Dave

    I agree with Ironic. The people who are so protective of animal rights are the first to support the killing
    of unborn children. As far as the Limey is concerned, you Brits have murdered more people in the
    name of civilization than any other nationality on earth!!

    • LKS

      You Brits?? Says a man from a nation that's started numerous unnecessary wars?? How dare you!!

      • jeaniepat

        I don't recall Britain STARTING any wars, I recall that Britain intervening on occasions but it has been to help nations e.g. 2nd world war started because Germany invaded Poland in the hope that they could, eventually take over all of Europe, including UK and I don't think anyone, worldwide, would have wanted that do you. Apart from that, what relevance to this original post got to do with Brits going to wars???? Please keep to the subject in hand.

        • speakforthemnow

          Uneducated people say the most ridiculous things. LKS needs to go back to school :)

    • ForAllAnimals

      I accidentally clicked 'thumbs up' on you pathetic comment. Shame on me!!!

    • jeaniepat

      Dave, I think the Germans have that title, 6million +!!!!

      • swopjan

        6 million, that's cute. Actually it was 6 million Jews and an additional 5 million other "undesirables" and primarily during 1938-1945, which pales in comparison with Stalin's "Great Purges", and political persecution in China since Communists took overin more recent history and a history of internal warfare as far back as their recorded history begins. But the Brits, wow! They've been putting down (in a few significant cases, losing to) indigenous insurrections since the 1700's, and across the entire world! 200 years of killing the locals all around the world really adds up. Probably not as much as China, but your outrage is quite unfounded. How's your sunset these days?

  • outdoorsman

    How many animals did PETA kill last year? MILLIONS!!!

    • guest

      How many animals did hunters kill last year? Millions. Hunters are wildlife hating terrorists.

      • swopjan

        How many animals did PETA eat? None? What a waste. Bet they never stopped to appreciate the birth of a fawn in the wild and share the moment with their friends, or watch the sunrise over a lake or a mountain range either because they were too busy assaulting people. If PETA truly loved animals as much as hunters do their money would go to stop poaching efforts around the world instead of politics. Instead, poachers are villified in hunting circles as much as legitimate hunters are villified by your domestic terror organization of choice, PETA.

        • speakforthemnow

          So if you have watched the birth of a fawn over a sunset why are you then killing her relatives? Beauty is NOT killing another sentient being <3 who has every right to be here as you and I do. Why don't you volunteer at a shelter and put that hatred to some good use. Practice random acts of kindness <3

          • swopjan

            I've stated the reasons for hunting as a management tool several times, that being, I'd much rather see a deer shot and eaten than starve to death due to overpopulation. And, I have volunteered at animal shelters. I've also tilled a rice field for an orphanage in Thailand and bought and personally delivered school supplies to children in the Philippines. Your encouragement to be kind does not impress me.

  • freetospeak

    So only people with your identical beliefs and values should be in the olympics? Wow, way to respect freedom of opinion and thought. Wasn't there a guy in the 40's who thought only people with his values should be allowed to live?

    • swopjan

      HAHAHA! Yeah, all the grey-beards in the woods that have hunted for decades could snap at any moment. Hunters do not hunt for the pleasure of torturing an animal; the goal is to put the game animal down as quickly as possible, most often with one shot ("high powered rifles" work well for this).

  • Sherrill Neese

    Beautiful animal and a nice trophy. Hat's off to Corey for her great hunt and for being in the olympics. This is outstanding!

  • David Jamar

    Thank you Petersens hunting for giving Corey the attention she deserves. The anti hunting crowd is only looking for attention, not realizing they are only growing the support for Corey. This Saturday when Corey takes the gold she deserves we can all jump for joy and scream out loud because she represents the American pride and honor. She bears our flag proudly and we should honor her for representing us all regardless of her personal beliefs. Remember we are the land of the free and do not discriminate or am I mistaken?

    • jeaniepat

      I think you ARE very much mistaken, America isn't as free a land as you may think and discrimination is certainly prevalent. As I understand it China owns most of USA who have basically sold out to them!

    • speakforthemnow

      No pride for me. I am ashamed of her and her trophy hunting lack of morals and compassion. She is a disgrace to the Olympic tea, and certainly no role model!

    • Vlad

      All the african-americans should thank you for not discriminating their relatives and treating them so well! Also the Irish, the Polish, the Italians, the Mexicans, the Chineese….! :))))))))))))

  • freetospeak

    This "barbaric" practice puts money into the thrid world countries economy and puts food on the tables of hundreds of villagers. Maybe you could stop hugging trees in California long enough to travel to Africa and teach them to plant lettuce in the sand?
    And who are the "we" you talk about encouraging her to stop? Don't include people that don't share your extremist view in your posts please. Is it the same "we" that posted on Ms. Cogdell's page that someone should kill her firstborn? Her hunting heritage has nothing to do with her being an amzing olympian. Somewhere in your family tree…way back when..pretty sure somebody ate an animal.

    • Ryan

      You do realize what deplorable conditions your grocery store meat is raised in, right? It's much more humane to kill a free ranging animal with 1 clean shot from a rifle than to bash in the skull of a cow with a club. Visit a factory farm sometime.

    • applepickers

      Do you eat meat?

  • Sadie

    This is not about hunting in general; this is about trophy hunting. There is a huge difference between killing out of necessity, i.e., to feed one's family, and killing for publicity / money / sport.

    No, she is not a good representative of the Olympics, or even hunting. She clearly states in a photo from her facebook page with a Kudu bull she killed, "MY FIRST TROPHY ANIMAL!" Sadly, many more were to follow.

    Trophy killing is nothing to be proud of. She is sent on these kill trips by sponsors, to take photos of her with the animals she kills, using their bullets / guns, they cross-promote each other to the hunting community… it is all for money and publicity.

    Her posing with a dead giraffe, the zebra, the great Kodiak bear, that beautiful kudu, and other animals is quite disturbing. In each photo, she smiles so proudly. It is creepy. But to many people around the world, her behavior is quite disturbing.

    She – and other sharpshooters – are not worthy to represent the US in the Olympics if they engage in and promote trophy hunting on the side. If she wants to practice her skill of shooting, stick to the skeet shooting or whatever is "legal" in her backyard. Traveling around the world to kill these near endangered species is cruel and shows how little regard she has for nature.

    The pro-hunting groups, as a fallback, like to quote the Bible as the reason it is "just" to kill animals, or that it is not "illegal." I ask them, where is the morality in this type of hunting? Where is the competition? She uses rifles with scopes, and the animals don't even know she is there. That's something to be proud of?

    If trophy hunters are rich enough to travel to Africa to kill, they are not hungry; they are rich enough to feed a small village… but Corey states "she shared the animal with a local family" to justify her kill.

    If she wanted attention… she's got it now.

    • Ryan

      You do realize that all meat from trophy animals in africa are donated to local villages where people are otherwise starving, right? Have you ever been there? For any reason? Trophy hunting there is a no lose situation. Animal populations are properly managed, money is pumped into the local economy and into the local governments conservation programs, the hunter has fun, and the locals get food that they are otherwise lacking.

      • Bill

        Oh please, that argument is one of the biggest crocks going and it borders on racism, implying that Africans can't hunt for themselves without the help of the white man. There is also evidence of widespread corruption all over Africa and that money doesn't end up where it should. I have friends from both South Africa and Zimbabwe and one of them was caught speeding there whilst visiting relatives. The cop wanted a bribe to let him off the ticket, that's how honest they are !

        Trophy hunters don't go to Africa to help feed the starving, they go there to blow away the wildlife, dump the resulting carcasses on the locals doorsteps whether they want it or not, and then leave them to it. Where's the long-term benefit and sustainability in that ? Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars to kill vulnerable and endangered species, they could easily use those same dollars to buy the Africans seed to grow crops, livestock for farming, water for irrigation and drinking, medicines to combat disease. Items that could benefit whole villages and communities in the long term.

      • swopjan

        Vlad, poaching or trying to poach gets you ostracized from any legitimate hunting association. Simply because you cannot control yourself, does not mean others can't.

  • Bob

    Jason, you are an idiot, the hunts she go on are completely legal and if it spins her fun wheel good for her!

  • Issy

    I want to apologize to all who have to tolerate Jason of California, Sadie, and Brinkers. They are a small sample of people who pontificate about how the rest of us should live. Why are you three reading the Petersen page (by definition a hunting website) except to critize others for how they live. You would do well to focus your passion on the unborn babies, the homeless, the hungry, and stay off the hunting sites.

  • John Paur

    Go girl Go. Everyone should have a daughter or sister like you!!!!!!! John

    • Gentle giant

      Judging by how many Americans kill or wound their fellow Americans with guns each year seems a lot of you already do buddy
      But at least in the UK her like are loathed for their massaging of their Ego by killing things for fun, She is not liked for her role as a smiley face clothes horse for everyone who wants to promote their killing products to hang them on. And her pictures of smiley miley with something dead are causing unease now….
      The Trump boys 'feeding villagers' was another load of condescending bull and a lie, you think Africans cannot feed themselves? if she wanted to help why not start a food programme and save the air fare???
      No her type are not wanted in Africa thank you..

      • swopjan

        Why is it always 'murders with firearms'? I guess all the murders with other objects aren't as gut-wrenching, even though there's a lot more of them. Here, take a look at the top two countries, the U.S. and the U.K.… Then, take note that it's not per capita and that the U.S. is 5 times larger than the U.K. Therefore, the crime rate in the U.K., being half as many crimes but with 1/5 the population, is two and a half times higher than the U.S. But don't let that stop you from claiming the moral high ground because people are stabbed and bludgeoned to death instead of being shot.

  • Jason In California

    And I woud like to apologize for people like Issy and Corey; in my opinion their support for trophy hunting and the wanton slaughter of wildlife is an embarrassment to every American. And guess what Issy, we are not going away. Our voices will be heard.

    • speakforthemnow

      Amen Jason <3 We are the Voice for the Voiceless…These cowards prey on the weak and helpless with high powered rifles….We are here to stay <3

  • guest

    Why don't you do something good instead of being a worthless jerk. Like help someone get a job that has been laid off for along time.

  • TXShadow47

    Jason, you just don't get it, do you. Have you ever hunted out of necessity as in meeting the need to put food on the table for yourself and family or even considered hunting for sport? Have you any idea of the funds raised for conservation through the sale of hunting & fishing licenses? We'd just like to ask you when was the last time you participanted in, or contributed to, any conservation efforts? As is true here in the USA, Corey's type of hunting, and the promotion of same, provides much needed support for numerous collateral support services (read that as income for local residents) in foreign countries where hunting is encouraged and perfectly legal. Why not head out tomorrow and do some constructive vs. lambasting the an individual like Corey!

  • Jose LopezCotto

    i think that this people who hate hunting never been hunting at all and are forgetting that our forefather's hunted to survive. Well I think that they like seeing people killling each other . I don't like them at but I do support anyone who enjoy hunting. I'm a US Navy veteran and I took part in Operation Enduring Freedom after 9/11/2001 and I support our national shooting team.

    • Ian Wellesz

      Can anyone make any sense of this?

    • Bill

      We don't hate hunting, we hate what she is doing. Killing animals to feed people is fine, going to another country and killing their wildlife just to have your photo taken with the corpse is just plain sick.

  • FallHuntsman

    On behalf of myself and the many millions of other hunters who take to the fields every year, I congratulate Corey. Well done. It's a shame a small number of hateful salivating petulant children forced her to remove her fan page, but she can take solace in the fact that they are most certainly in the minority. Humans are predators, and have been for tens of thousands of years – hunting is as natural as breathing to us, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. The worst part is that no matter how reasoned the argument, they just won't listen. You could explain how much of the money some conservation groups use to fund their important habitat protection efforts come from hunters and hunting groups, and how many conservation efforts would be in dire straits without it. You could explain how much revenue the government makes from the sale of hunting tags and licenses every year and how they use this money to fund important programs related to the environment. You could tell them how hunters contribute desperately needed revenue to poor nations in Africa that desperately need it. You could tell them how hunters and hunting organizations are frequently at the forefront of campaigns to protect vulnerable wild spaces from ruthless industrial development, but these arguments would only fall on deaf ears. The only response you get is the same old pathetic small-minded vitriolic hatred and threats from a small group of people too dense to realize that hunters and the groups they support have done far more for the environment than they ever will. I'm proud to be a hunter, and always will be. Nothing these people say will ever change that.

    • FallHuntsman

      Thanks for proving my point. Typical and pathetic.

      • thehousedad

        Anyone else find it funny that someone signed in as "guest" is calling others cowards?

        • thehousedad

          Okay. Thanks! Isn't it great we live in a country where others can have differing opinions?

          You have a great day!

        • swopjan

          Guest's gross generalization is general and gross.

        • speakforthemnow

          Ok housedad….Now what? Put down your weapon and the fight will be fair. Only cowards go after a helpless animal :)

      • Gentlegiant

        Get yourself to Afghanistan buddy I Personally know that theres some good shooting there – but be careful as Terry Taliban has a habit of shooting back.. thats not fair though is it?
        Your whole argument falls apart though as clearly there are greater human populations, less wilderness, more effective weapons than a spear or an old fashioned bow, more demand on the land for resources, than in biblical days… And please please cut the bs about delivering much needed food and money to the poor nations of Africa by killing the source of their main revenue through tourism – childish and very insulting..
        Do you know why some animals were domesticated for farming hundreds of years ago ? it has no real iMpact on the other animals they share the planet with – heres a simple equasion – if you didnt fish farm salmon, how long would it take for those that demanded it to wipe out the natural stocks,
        with the pressure of the planets population demand for it? you carry on killing friend, but your logic is unsustainable.

    • swopjan

      He JUST SAID, guest. BTW, how high-powered is high-powered? Hunters use everything from .22LR and muzzleloaders to .577 Tyrannosaur to bring down game in the modern world. As far as shooting back, a couple of the animals (the hippo and elephant) on the facebook page posted previously are considered some of the most dangerous game animals in the world. They're not something you snipe from a distant hilltop, you have to get close. Close enough that they know you shot them, and they have a good chance to kill you too. Some African countries even hire hunters to kill rogue elephants because they trample people and destroy crop fields that sustain people, which is a bit more serious than your run-of-the-mill dog digging under a fence and biting someone. For all your talk of hunters being terrorists, you sure do condone a lot of people being killed.

      • ScantiLee

        We could only hope hunters get killed to level the playing field. I would not shed a single tear in that event. In fact, I'd root for the animal, except that I know it would ultimately be ganged up on by a multitude of hunters wanting to take revenge on the poor animal defending itself and its right to live! And why do you think elephants go rouge? Read up on them!

        • swopjan

          It has been pointed out several times that without hunters, there is no revenue for conservation. Also, I pointed out earlier the effects of outlawing hunting; nature takes it course (oh yay, hooray!) and balances the ecosystem by allowing large game animals to starve to death. In most ecosystems you can't maintain a healthy population 100% of the time without some sort of management, which is why a different number of tags is sold each year. The game department decides how many animals should be removed to prevent competition weakening the entire population. Think of the scene in Bambi where it's winter and all the trees are stripped too far to eat the bark. That's what you get, until your small, sickly deer population dies off in massive numbers of slow starvation. An incredible amount of suffering and wasted meat is the result of your feelings-based utopia.

        • swopjan

          Elephants most often go rogue during the rut. A big, pissed off elephant is nobody's fault but still causes tremendous damage and destroys lives and livelihoods. Lions and tigers become man-eaters when they're too old or their teeth are too bad to hunt stronger prey, or their mother has taught them that humans are easy to kill and eat. There's a rather famous account of two young male lions eating hundreds of African railroad workers over the course of a few years. Read up on them.

    • ScantiLee

      The government uses it to fund important programs….like war? Please spare me. Hunters are not the only activists, yet to read this thread, you'd think they are the only ones that care about conservation. Good grief. I've been a conservationist longer than most of you. I hunt with a camera. And what about the hunters who home grow their own and then release them into the wild just to hunt them for sport? Yes, I appreciate the difference between hunting out of necessity and hunting for sport. To lust to kill another creature is just wrong, period.

      • swopjan

        State governments control hunting. They do not, however, conduct warfare, so if I become a bit condescending later it's because I realize you're not all there in the information and reasoning department.

      • swopjan

        And again, you are bringing up examples of people that 'hunt' that hunters don't like either and lumping them in the same category as legitimate hunters, which isn't correct at all. If you frequent some of the popular hunting and shooting forums and say you plan to release a non-native species to hunt you will be told how very bad of an idea that is, that it is illegal, and if you persist, you will be asked and possibly made to leave. Do you know where teddy bears get their names? From Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, who spared a young bear cub after he'd shot its mother. Now, today, shooting a mother with cubs is considered both unsporting, and is illegal. But, that hunter of a president also did more for conservation by the establishment of national parks than anyone here can even begin to achieve. Hunting weapons, ammo, clothes, and equipment are also all taxed quite a bit by state governments and the proceeds put towards conservation. Did you pay any extra for your camera to do anything for conservation?

    • Ryan

      Check the budget for worldwide conservation programs. It all come from hunters and fishermen and groups like Rocky Mountain Elk and Safari Club. The "animal rights" wackos don't contribute anything to conservation or to actually help animal populations.

  • Ronald Wardell

    For those of you who have voiced opposition to hunting and hunter – including the statements against a representative of our country's olympic team – in such distasteful and demeaning language and powered by self-rightious zeal, I wonder who you really are in this world of ours and what contributions you have truly made to home, family, friends, community and the betterment of others. I doubt that you "guests" have done much from a wide spectrum of concerns. It is easy and simple to sit at a keyboard behind some hidden identity and be rankly critical of others. if you dare, try disclosing your full name, where you live and the specifics of what you have accomplished in support of your tirades and judgments. It is interesting to note that the person that you so relentlessly debase, Corey Cogdell, has done this without hesitation. If you are disinclined to accept an invitation of full disclosure, would you at least consider the concept behind the words that those without sins may throw the first stone? I would hope that this thought would give you pause before you clandestinely prepare your next diatribe and hit the submit comment button.

  • swopjan

    Kind of loses its poignancy when there's a baby sitting in a patch of blue bells right there.

  • Michael

    I was brought up in the ways of hunting, I was told by my father this important statement…. "Do not kill, just to kill. Make sure that what you do kill will go to feed your family." What I did kill when I hunted was deer, quail, and duck. And every animal that I did kill, I cleaned, dressed, cooked, and ate. Even as a young boy.

    Trophy Hunting to me is not needed. When I do hunt, it is only to put food on the table for my family.

    • Ryan

      You must not realize that all meat from african trophy hunting is donated to local villages that are otherwise short on food. I'm with you though. Everything I kill is used as much as possible.

      • CCnot_in_Africa

        You all keep saying that the meat is donated to "local villages". That is utter nonsense. Complete BS.
        If anything, it goes into the freezer of the fatcats who organised the hunt. Sooooooo naive and completely ignorant. How many sides does a triangle have? I will give you lot a minute or three to Google it. GO!

        • Mike

          "You all keep saying that the meat is donated to "local villages". That is utter nonsense. Complete BS.
          If anything, it goes into the freezer of the fatcats who organised the hunt."

          show us your source. Proof is in the pudding…

          • Bill

            Do you think that Africans can't hunt these animals for themselves ? What were they were doing for food before the white man came along ?

            Villager: "I'm just going out to hunt for some meat"
            Wife: "No need, I'm sure there will be a trophy hunter along in a minute"

            But if you want a source, try:

  • Whitt

    All this arguing isn't doing anything. I think everybody should grab a beer and relax. This is ridiculous. For those that don't support hunting I suggest not harshly criticizing people who do. If you love wildlife so much, I suggest getting off the computer and doing something for them like milions of hunters do. If you anti-hunters only knew how much time I've spent managing habitat for wildlife. I may harvest 2-4 deer, 2 turkeys, and 150 ducks a year but I provide habitat for thousands. I either eat the game I harvest or donate the meat to the hungry. I spend hundreds of dollars in conservation. What have you done?

  • Emma

    I am glad she has removed her FB page,I totally disagree with Canned/Trophy hunting,I am not here to call anyone names or threatening anyone,I am simply putting my views across,to kill an animal for the thrill,to then pose with it's dead body next to you for a photo is barbaric,to also smear that animals blood on your face also for a picture is wrong on many levels,to hang the head/horns from any animal on your wall is wrong,if she is a Christian as she says she is,in the Bible it does state,I shall not kill…if you believe in God,then you should live by his word.

    • Usa

      See above. Do a little research on the Bible before you quote it. Nowhere does it say "I". It was God giving a commandment to people and the word was "Thou". But it really doesn't matter because it is out of context. If you want to use the Bible as a reference on this debate realize that there are many instances where God talks about giving man animals as food.

  • Paul


    Great Kudu! Wishing you the best of luck, we're all proud of you!

    Paul B.

  • Ryan

    Congratulations on the Kudu Corey. It's my dream to go over there and hunt. The haters obviously know nothing of hunting, conservation, or science. It's too bad your facebook had to come down. And good luck on the rest of your time at the Olympics.

  • John johnson

    We are all hunters. Man could not sit and wait for corn to grow to survive right now. It's in our gene poll
    Some of us know what we are and celebrate it. Libs hate being. Hunters but they would not be here if not for being hunters

  • John Johnson

    Hunting is in our gene pool. You would not be here without it. All the fees provide the upkeep and management of game habitat. Hunters grow game as farmers grow corn. Do you run around screaming. Don't kill the corn when farmers harvest it. There are more deer in this country now than when the pilgrims came

  • John Johnson

    We still use sticks to make fire and everyone hunts and gathers everyday We are just much more in tune with the real experience of the mystic process of being a predator and being at one with it. You are at one with McDonald's and pay them to kill your food for you. Thats not moving on thats being unaware of what you are

  • 300UWM

    "Innocent, defenseless animals" Typical mindset of the Disney-raised personification-of-animals child. They just don't quite understand the real world. Life for them will forever be one big Bambi-Jungle Book movie. Must be wonderful looking at life as a big cartoon.

  • Fred

    Why don't you shut your mouth you filthy Slimyfornia bunnyhugger.

  • White Eagle

    If you are going to quote the bible, you need to read the whole book and understand before quoting. In many, many passages it taking of the bull, sacrificing in the name of God. I am a Christian and a hunter. We work with disabled children that aren’t typically able to go outdoors and experience Gods gifts. As I stated, if you going to quote the bible read it.

    Genesis 9:3
    “Every creature that is alive shall be yours to eat; I give them all to you as I did the green plants”:

    Leviticus 1:5
    “He shall then slaughter the bull before the LORD”

    Acts 11:7
    “Get up, Peter. Slaughter and eat.”

    Now tell me, how can HUNTING be WRONG?

  • @keithbarry1959

    go corey! you rock girl! and to all you bleeding heart guilt ridden going hunting in the morning..JUST BECAUSE YOU POSTED HERE! come back ANY time..ill kill some poor weak defenseless animal in YOUR honor, every time you do. any of you whack jobs want to debate the issue with me, im on twitter @keithbarry1959 PACK A LUNCH.

  • David Small

    Congratulations, Corey, on both your Olympic success and your hunting prowess! Well done! Your supporters hope to see more of each in the future.


    Congratulations Corey! As a fellow hunter…..I'm proud that you represent the USA! Ignore the hatefulness you hear and read and remember you'll never stand alone!

  • Ken in Alabama

    I would really like to know what has been done by any of these hate spewing individuals about the habitat or the environment in general for these animals. Any hunter I have ever met has done more for the environment and animal habitat than any non-hunter I have ever met. You sit behind your keyboard casting stones at a way of life you do not understand. When was the last time you have been in the forest actually doing something for these animals, planting food plots or buying property to preserve their environment, like hunters do? I will bet that you have NEVER actually done anything to go out in their environment and help these animals, have you??….well…….as I thought, nothing but silence. All you want to do is try and FORCE your beliefs onto me, spew hate, and protest what you do not even begin to understand. You go ahead and buy your meat from the local supermarket that is so packed with additives to keep it that nice pink color. Personally I would much rather kill and process my own meat so I know where it has been and handled. Lastly might I add, may God have mercy on your soul for all the hate that is in your heart. You obviously have no tolerance for others beliefs or way of life that differs from your own, and I truly feel sorry for you and people like you.

  • swopjan

    You would do well to research what happens to game animal populations without human interference. Predators eat so many prey animals that the predators reach numbers the prey can no longer support, and then the predators (for example, wolves) die off in great numbers from starvation. With the predators gone, prey animals (such as deer) have a few generations to build up their own numbers until they outgrow their food sources and most die of starvation themselves. As for certain species being close to extincition, you should study paleontology and natural history instead of liberal arts. Humans have hunted some animals, i.e. dodos, passenger pigeons possibly mastodon, to extinction. Other species, such as the cave bear, have gone extinct naturally and of their own accord. The condo you live it has done more permanent and irreversible damage to the survivability of a species than any hunter. Jeaniepat, you are unimformed and vulgar, nothing more.

  • speakforthemnow

    And you would be wrong….You will never convince me that trophy hunting is good for anything or anyone. I am a Christian and walk what I talk. No hate here. Just compassion for ALL sentient beings. "Thou shalt not kill" means exactly that……


    How do you sleep at night?? Talking about children in that manner…and by the way the next time you buy meat at the grocery store research where it came from and how it was killed…..

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