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Bear Eats Convicted Murderer, Later Euthanized

by PH Online Editors   |  June 4th, 2012 6
Wagner Jetta

Muddy paw prints stain the driver side window and door of this Volkswagen Jetta, from which convicted murderer Rory Nelson Wagner's body was pulled by a black bear. (Photo from the Kamloops Daily News)

Some of the more bizarre stories that come our way generally involve surviving inside a hollow log, or beating a cougar senseless with a skillet — you know, good ole’, All-American fun. Rarely do they involve convicted murderers.

Just days after being reported missing, the partially eaten remains of 53-year-old Rory Nelson Wagner were discovered by hunters on a remote logging road near Kamloops, B.C.

According to The Canadian Press, Wagner was convicted of second-degree murder in 1994 after he and two others killed a Langley, B.C., man in 1993, believing the victim had sexually assaulted a family member.

Though the victim had been charged with sexual assault, he was acquitted shortly before his death. Wagner had been on parole living in Kamloops for 10 years before his death.

Authorities say a black bear pulled Wagner’s body from through an open window in his Volkswagen Jetta, ate part of it and buried the rest. According to CNN, Wagner was already dead by the time the bear had dragged him out of his car, adding that police discovered drug paraphernalia and a bottle of alcohol in the car. Authorities do not believe, however, that Wagner’s death was suicide, and toxicology reports are still pending.

Though authorities believe the bear was not responsible for Nelson’s death, a bear matching the description — a cinnamon-colored bear seen guarding the stash of human remains — was trapped and later euthanized due to public safety. A necropsy will be performed on the bear to determine for sure whether it was the bear that ate Wagner’s remains.

Check out the video from CNN.

  • Ron

    Shoot the bear cause it ate a dead guy that was a convicted murderer, what the hell? I say drag out some more prison scum and let them have a feeding frenzy, better yet start with the person that gave the go a head on shooting this bear.

    • Jeff

      You are right Ron. The person(s) that decided to kill the bear because he did what comes natural to him is utterly ridiculous. Let the feed begin!!!!!

  • Jim

    Ok, has anybody read this story on another news page? This one leaves a lot out just to make you all mad. Now, according to a post by a certain "M," Mr. Wagner killed a low-life piece of human feculence that raped his two nieces. Come on, guys!!! If some slobbering excuse for a human raped your daughter or wife, wouldn't you like to feed HIM to the bears?!? He did the crime, " man'ed " up, and confessed. He did his time for doing the public a service–that's justice for you! That rapist will NOT be coming after your daughter now, will he?!? Finding him guilty of vigilantism and littering and given 7 years probation would have been more appropriate.

  • Geoff

    they had to shoot the bear cause it was stoned and drunk from eating contaminated meat and then acting disorderly

  • scooter

    the bear just saved the tax payers a lot of money and this is his thanks

  • john ODonnell

    The bear should have been re located to Gitmo and allowed to have a feast.. All kidding aside that bear should be given the RCMP Service Award and allowed to live until its natural end. There are some delicacies awaiting justice in Mass. that would be prime canidates for this bear. Shame killing a beast doing what comes natural to it without fair chase.

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