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Boddington: Hunting the World’s Big Bears

by Craig Boddington   |  November 13th, 2013 5

Modern humans love statistics, and we hunters are as bad as anyone. We attach importance to certain numbers associated with certain animals. For instance: 100-pound elephant, 50-inch buffalo, 200-inch whitetail, 60-inch kudu, and 10-foot bear. It’s silly, and I actually heard a young lady say a 100-pound elephant sounded awfully small. I guess a 50-inch buffalo is also small nose to tail!

The animals that grow to these dimensions, whether tusks, horns, antlers, or body size, are amazing. In each case, a very few are taken each year. Sheer magnificence aside, there are two remarkable things about the taking of such awesome trophies.

First, it is usually pure luck. This is not to make light of the achievement. Even if the hunter blunders into the animal and doesn’t realize how big it is, he or she still must do things right in order to bring that animal to bag. But most of the great trophies are taken by people who would gladly settle for less, so luck counts.

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