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Gator Hunting at Night: Are You Man Enough?

by Conrad Evarts   |  May 17th, 2012 4

Craig Boddington and I traveled to Central Florida to tape an episode of PHTV on gator and hog hunting with Osceola Outfitters at the end of April. It was a perfect hunt with all the pieces: plenty of animals, great food, relaxed pace and funny, personable people. Bossman Hoppy Kempfer will surely make my next list of “Best TV Guides in the World”.

We hunted the alligators deep in the swamp using buoys baited with hog lungs, then we switched to spot and stalk.  At the end of day two Craig took a “whopper” from a lake on skiff using a baited buoy under perfect, golden evening light.

After using a variety of strategies for the show, Hoppy wanted to demonstrate hunting them from a skiff at night. Being a team player, I grabbed the Wicked Ridge crossbow and hopped on the bow to do my part. Here’s my handiwork with a string gun combined with Craig’s artistry with a camera. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Steve

    I tried a harpoon gator hunt at night with GatorGuides. It was fantastic. Check out the hatcam video:


  • Ron

    Nice job Conrad, like the gopro light setup, just built one for myself so I can use my light off my video cam.

  • dianelopez06

    Wow! a mix of great fun and thrilling fear for me. That's just great! Congrats!
    Want to learn some public hunting maps? Click here for more information.

  • The Marine

    Congrats on your success! I would like to up the ante on “manly”, however. My first gator hunt was done at night, in a 70 year old aluminum boat and completely on my own. I baited it close prior to harpooning it by hand when it was within five feet of my boat. It pulled me around the river for quite some time before it tired and I was able to pull it to the surface and take it out using a bangstick. It was a 9′ 1″ female that I can proudly saw I harvested solo…nope not another soul on board with me or anywhere on the river. That’s what I call manly…but of course…my definition of “manly” is significantly more than the average person…being a Marine and all :D Nonetheless, good job and enjoy the experience for the rest of your life. Thanks for sharing.

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