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TV Host Spook Spann Charged with Hunting Violations

by PH Online Editors   |  September 10th, 2012 18

Another celebrity hunter is making headlines, but this time it isn’t for the right kind of reason.

William “Spook” Spann, celeb TV host of Spook Nation on the Pursuit Channel, was charged in Kansas City on Thursday with two counts of transporting wildlife to Tennessee that had been knowingly and illegally killed. Spann, whose tagline on the show is “God. Family. Country,” faces up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines, according to the Wyandotte Daily News.

Both offenses, which are being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Oakley in conjunction with investigations by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the wildlife divisions of Tennessee and Kansas, allege that Spann killed a buck in 2007 on someone else’s property, falsified that fact to the landowner, and then transported the buck back to his home state of Tennessee.

Spann is only the latest celebrity hunter to find his way to a headline, as his story broke the same week as Melissa Bachman’s, the female huntress who was cut from National Geographic TV’s upcoming programming because of a hostile anti-hunter takeover on Facebook and a petition filed on

  • Chris

    another jerk making us look bad because of his greed and quest for fame……

    • Bill

      Chris, I am thinking you are jumping to conclusions before the facts are known and most importantly, I don't think you personally know enough facts to make that statement.

      • M.L.Williams

        Bill, I agree with you!! I know Spook personally, we went to school together, his aunt and uncle are neighbors of my moms.I think there is more to this story than is being told!

  • Easy

    In all fairness, though it certainly looks bad, we don't yet know the full details of the situation. And we certainly don't know Spook's motives surrounding this situation. It's hard to say it was greed or a quest for fame when none of that information to my knowledge has been released. I'm neither defending nor accusing him. I'm simply saying we should suspend judgment until more is known.

  • billy

    Yes I would hae to say that we will have to wait for the facts to come out on this one, however being they have charged him with it I am sure there is enough evidence in place to prove his quilt. US fish and wildlife have there stuff together when it comes to these sort of investigations they dont just throw charges on people and hope they stick, they do very detailed investigations before charges are ever filed. I have worked with them before and they are good folks from the ones I have met. LAst thing you want to do as am=n officer is go before a federal judge and not have your facts straight and everything in order.

    • Scott

      You'd be right in a perfect world. HOWEVER the anti-gunners and anti-hunters are putting alot of pressure on alot of federal agencies, and our President agrees with them. In this environment, you WILL have some trickle-down pressure apploied even to US Fish & wildlife officers. IF this happened in 2007, why are they NOW filoing charges 5 years later? It sounds very Fishy to Me. I'll wait and see what the facts are and how the court rules before I make any comments about Spook. Maybe you should consider doing the same.

  • raazorblade

    Doesn't matter what the facts are. He has already been convicted by the liberal news media and the anti-hunting anti-guns anti-shooting zealots who just drool over a story like this. Just like the Bachman encident. She did nothing wrong and works very hard to practice her sport. But she is evil and wicked because she does not believe the same drug smoking holier- than- thou unrealistic ideas of the bambi lovers who could not survive 10 minutes in the wild country like she does. I for one will not longer watch the National Geographic channel if they are that easily swayed by the jerks in our society.

    • jlk

      Facts are he plead guilty to poaching a deer and illegally transporting it. Then he violated probation by dressing in camo, calling turkeys, carrying a dead turkey, and illegal baiting of turkey. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me

  • Michael C.

    Fish and Game or Game and Fish, or whatever you want to call it, has their own ideas as what the law is and should be in any given case. They can care less about evidence or what most people would consider hard facts to support a charge.I have been cited twice in California for hunting out of season and was found not guilty on my second charge and my first charge was dismissed years before by the court in Riverside CA. The problem is it costs me over 12,000.00 dollars to prove they were wrong. In both cases I was sighting in my long gun and scouting the area for hunting. Have a little faith in our system and wait untill all facts our brought out. Michael C. Palm Springs CA.

    • Scott

      You have a point.. When law enforcement agencies are "Out for blood" the words reasonable, fair, honest mistake, truth, hard facts become scarce, and anything can happen. Also you are never compensated for your legal expenses when it is proved they were wrong, and yoiu were falsely charged. What about that???

  • john d

    wlll there u go billy now u got the facts .if the feds charge u with it then get out your pocket book and pay bro.

  • Like to hunt

    Hunters! wake up and smell the hunting/gun ban agenda! How many people has it occurred to that this wasn't pursued by the FEDS until 2 yrs ago & no charges brought until the statute of limitations was over? How many of you are suspicious that suddenly, out of nowhere 2 high profile celebrity hunters are prosecuted by the FEDS?
    Both in this case, and in the Nugent case, the violations were technical violations of obscure law; not the law printed in the booklet we all get, but in the full regulations that no hunter ever actually gets to see. Anyone else ever try to get their hands on that book? I have. You can't get it…at least not in WI, BUT you are liable if you break one of those rules, even if you ask a warden to clarify and the warden was wrong. Starting to sound like an anti hunting agenda to anyone?
    I know for a fact that Spook put effort into getting what he thought was the right permit. It's not my place to give details, and I don't want to ruin anything for him in the courts, so I'll leave it at that.
    Make no mistake, hunters need to stick together, because the Feds are after YOU. They are looking for any violation they can, starting with high profile hunters. Their purpose is to shut down hunting, then get rid of guns. It has always been the agenda of anti-hunters, and now they think they have found a way to do it with the Lacy Law.

  • chic083

    Wake up people. The average hunting show on television looks very bad to the nonhunting public. The folks who are hired to enforce the rules receive marching orders from some people who are not hunters. If you appear on twenty shows each year and each time you're on a show you kill a trophy something or other and act like you've lost your mind while you're standing over your "trophy", someone's attention will be attracted to you.

  • Drew Socia

    People should wait to defimate his character until the truth is legally proven. People jump on stories like this and then it proves to be nothing but the damage is done… Give him the benefit of the doubt until you really know the facts.

  • Scott

    The facts: Spann shot a buck on a piece of ground that he did not own with a hunt-on-own-land tag. He has land here in Kansas, he bought a hunt on own land tag but shot the deer on a piece of property belonging to someone else. I dont believe he was trespassing though.

  • Ridge Climber

    It's a tough call. On the one hand it is true that he was convicted but it's also true that the courts have become less and less about "justice" and more about whose agenda pays better. With a case like this it's hard to say that the conviction was deserved or done in the interest of serving justice.

    • Dakota

      That sounds about right.

  • shootbrownelk

    These Hosts of popular TV shows are under a lot of pressure to kill bucks/bulls on every episode, nobody will watch a show for long (or stop watching) if the hunter is unsuccessful. That may not be true in this case, but he was convicted was he not?

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