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Deer Elk

Prepping a Girl for her First Elk Hunt

by Conrad Evarts   |  June 9th, 2011 6

This will be an ongoing series through this fall. Alyssa’s Trigger Pull Length.

Alyssa learning from Al Charvat, Gunsmith for 21 years at Capital Sports

Alright ‘merica, I’m going to pull back the curtain a tiny bit here for you. For all my crankiness and bluster, I do love being a dad. I also love having a daughter and keeping her involved in hunting. She’s very good at it, never bitches (what good would it do?) and is very patient and quiet in the woods. Additionally, she’s very safe with firearms.

We relocated to Helena, Montana last fall from Minnesota where Alyssa hunted whitetail. She’ll be 13 years-old this fall and we’re planning her first cow or spike elk hunt. We’ll be taking you through the process with us all the way to the hunt.

I hunted at Alyssa’s age, but nobody ever measured me for anything but busting brush. I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t raised by the most sophisticated hunters in the world. So, the rifle I was usually checked out was the rustiest and least likely to be missed.

I’m trying to do this right. So, if you’re new to taking your kid hunting and you were raised like me, we can figure out how to do this right together. I’ll bumble through and ask all the stupid questions for you. Then when you saunter in to the sporting goods store with junior in tow, you’ll look savvy.

Capital Sports, our Neighborhood Sporting Goods Store

If you’re already an expert at getting a kid ready for an elk hunt, share your knowledge in the comments section. I want to do this right, but sometimes a person doesn’t always know all the right questions to ask. Also, if you make a cool video that educates and informs on getting young hunters ready, let me know and I’ll post it on my blog.

At this point it looks like these are the steps up to now:

1) Acquire human offspring.

2) Feed human offspring until they can pass hunter’s safety.

3) Spend a great deal of time in the woods and at the range.

4) Get offspring measured for trigger pull length.

5) Buy appropriate rifle.

What now?

That’s all the niceness I have in me for this week. You’re welcome.


  • Mike Schoby

    Nice Job Conrad Can't wait to see how this develops.

  • Dick

    Rifle selection? I am very interested as I am going through the process with my 14 year old daughter who wants to go hunting this fall.

  • Zach

    My lil girl is 4…and already begging to go hunting! Lord, thank you for this wonderful gift!

  • tammy berry

    I only have1 child,a almost15yearold baby girl that is a better shot then her mom! Shhhh dont tell her hahaha when she was lil i put the gameboy on. Silent&goofed off as quitly as possible! Now she does nt. Take nothin but the phone to text her peps&to call papa to bring the wheeler for a deer pickup. She is 3rd generation. Hunter. In& no one is prouder than, Mom ;)

  • Conrad Evarts

    Dick, we'll be doing a piece on rifle and ammo selection in July. What species will you be hunting?


    The first day in the pop up blind my daughter took her Nintendo DS. It stays home now too. She wanted to take this huge purple blanket and after consideration and her agreeing to keep it low I agreed. I will never forget the feeling of glancing down at her napping on the floor of the blind mid-day. Very real.


    I have been blessed with a daughter and son who both hunt with us and a grandson who is 13 and just got a new youth Savage. My granddaughter who is only 4 but is already wanting to hunt with us. She will probably go with me to the deer blind this year and sit with me this fall, I don't plan on taking a rifle; but, we will take binoculars, rangefinder and lots of snacks. We will talk and use some of the tools that we will need in the future.

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