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Epidemic Alert: Feral Hogs Tearing Up New York Countryside

by Dylan Polk   |  March 12th, 2012 13
New York pigs

Feral hogs are caught on a trail camera at a Peru, N.Y., apple orchard. (Photo from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation)

The pigs are invading New York! It may sound like the lamest monster movie tagline ever, but the feral hog pandemic that was previously localized to the South has made its way to the Empire State, and it spells destruction for state agriculture.

The New York Times has reported that feral hogs have made their way into Champlain County, New York, and like their cousins down in Dixie, these porkers are causing huge problems.

For example, Bob Rulf, an 82-year-old farmer, found his crops severely damaged, and thinking it was a deer problem, dispatched a few hunters to take care of it. What they found was even more of a nightmare.

“They eat everything,” said wildlife biologist Ed Reed. “They’ll eat the understory in a forest and dig up plants by rooting the ground for insects and roots. They compete with wildlife for food. They’re the most destructive mammal out there.”

Now, state wildlife officials are weighing their options in dispatching the hogs, from traps to sterilization, and even popping pigs from choppers.

“There’s a real sense of urgency,” Reed told reporters. “Once the pigs get established, they are very difficult to eradicate completely.”

Officials have tried using traps filled with all manners of pig bait — donuts, dried gelatin powder and dried corn, for example — but have found the pigs tend to crowd in a corner and will climb on one another to escape. Even circular traps have proved ineffective, catching only three pigs last year.

The Times are reporting that New York’s usually strict hunting laws have been relaxed a bit for the porkers; the New York Department of Environmental Conservation is advising hunters to “shoot and keep feral swine at any time and in any number.”

Sounds like open season for makin’ bacon to us.

  • Roger Holman

    Hunting year round is the answer, our club killed 107 from Sept to Jan 1st.They are reproducing as we speak.

    • Kevin K.

      Hello Roger, I live in the Finger lakes area. Did your club kill tose hogs in NY? Kevin

  • Tom Sweet


  • Larry Chesney

    I have hunted hogs for depredation on Golf courses in California for years. To trap theme the cage must be able to hold the equivalent of a bear. It must have a top on it, they must be very heavy steel and the trap must be anchored. The one I have built weighs about two hundred pounds per panel and is heavy gauge hog wire. If it is not anchored the pigs will tear out the bottom and walk away with the trap. Mine holds abut six pigs at one time. If you know how to build them they are very easy to trap and then dispatch the animals in the trap, they cause millions of dollars damage to a golf course.

    • jackie

      poor fucking golf course… rich people losing money…….. pigs losing their lives

    • Headhunter

      No trap cage nonsense, just a good rifle and a 4×4.

  • Brian Elvington

    wish i could join in but NY is so far away from cali =(

  • Pete

    Well, I thought maybe I could help out since I live in PA and could get there for a weekend hunt. So I start looking on for info. God help you NY hunters. That site is horrible. I wasted about 1/2 and still don't understand what firearms you can use for what. I did figure out that I would need to buy an out of state small game license for $85. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    Just open it up with a no fee license and put a bounty on their heads and the problem would be solve in 2 year flat.

    • Headhunter


  • Ray

    Here in Texas, the ranchers and farmers are crying about the distruction the hogs are causing to their land but if you try to get permission to hunt there and help get the hogs under control they want you to pay an acess fee, a kill fee per hog, and ? fee. The ranchers and farmers have learned they can make an awful lot of money for doing nothig, I can no longer afford to hunt in my home state, so I go out of state, hunt a lot more for a lot of different game pay nonresident fee's all for a lot more affordable hunting than in Texas

  • gino

    Im looking to hunt hogs in upstate new york and I am a licensed and responsible hunter. any known areas that are experiencing problems near chenango county or upstate ?

  • Headhunter

    I would love to get in on this! Why hasn't the State of New York put a bounty on the feral hogs?

  • Mr.B

    Look out piggies… "There's a Man, goin' round takin' names…"

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