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Video: “Sons of Guns” Star Will Hayden Goes on a Flintlock Hog Hunt

by PH Online Editors   |  June 13th, 2012 3

When our sister publication Guns & Ammo joined up with Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms for a hog hunt, we were all sure it won’t be a normal trip. Follow along as Will and his family take the G&A crew and Petersen’s Hunting editor Mike Schoby on a colonial style hunt in the swamps of central Louisiana.

  • Terry

    Kewl! I love watching Sons of Guns and the boys at Red Jacket firearms. I cannot get enough of that show. Unfortunately their prices are high and since the show they are so backlogged I don't think they'll ever catch up! I enjoy it because I have always wanted to be a gun smith. Now I want to learn and no one will higher me! So much for being a handicapped cop, huh?

  • andy

    really ? this should be on a comedy show . 4 wheelers , tracking equip. and flintlocks . these are serious comedians , not hunters !!!! sorry i watched this , time we find something worth watching !

  • Drew

    Too funny, flintlocks and four wheelers. Wow…

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