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Hunting Big Game with the Rage Xtreme Broadhead

by Melissa Bachman   |  July 8th, 2012 7

RAGE SMILE WEBOne of the most important things you need to decide as a bowhunter is what type of broadheads you plan to use for your upcoming season.

Rage has been my choice for years, but they have recently come out with a new broadhead that I’ve fallen in love with: the new Rage Xtreme. I was the first hunter to ever take this broadhead out into the field, and boy did it perform!

Heading to New Zealand on a spot-and-stalk bowhunt, I wanted a broadhead that would be incredibly accurate at long distances, get great penetration, and most importantly, have a large cutting diameter, and the Rage Xtreme does all that.

The first thing you will notice is Rage did away with their O-rings that you’ll find on their older models. Instead, they have replaced this technology with a Shock Collar, which holds the blades securely in place until impact.

With a 2.3-inch cutting diameter and the new sweeping blade design, you’ll find the new Xtreme maintains kinetic energy longer and penetrates deeper than other blades. Plus, with the huge cutting diameter, blood trailing will be a snap. After taking my world-record New Zealand stag with the Rage Xtreme, he dropped within eyesight. As if that wasn’t enough, I headed over to Africa with a quiver full of Xtremes and took down several impala, a big kudu and a tough, old warthog.

Kudu Web NewWhat I love about using Rage is the fact that they really fly just like a field tip. I can practice all season, and when I put on my broadheads, I have the confidence to know they will hit where I aim. This is especially true at long distances. Hunters spend an incredible amount of time trying to get a fixed blade to fly straight at 60-70 yards. When using Rage, you can shoot your field tip, then switch to a broadhead and have the same point of impact. There’s no need to spend countless hours trying to get your bow and broadheads aligned for the hunting season.

One thing to note is that Rage has an entire line of broadheads to fit your needs. The Xtreme is my favorite, but they do recommend that these heads only be used if you are pulling 60 pounds or more. I have my bow set to 64 pounds and I’ve had incredible success this spring.

These heads are truly the best I’ve ever used, and I can’t wait to let them fly this fall on everything from elk to whitetails.

  • Greg

    First, you're making me feel inadequate, Melissa: I have my bow set at 63 pounds.

    Just a precautionary note for anyone thinking about an Idaho hunt this fall – mechanical broadheads may not be used for big game in Idaho. The reason is, if they're allowed, you can't prevent nitwits from using cheap, poorly designed and unreliable department store house brand versions.

  • John ODonnell

    What the author fails to tell here is that arrow placement (accuracy) is paramount to a quick clean kill. I would also caution the writer that hunting with a tracker and a guide may have helped in the quick recovery of he game. One who shoots 60-70 yards no matter what the gear is due for a catastrophic failure and that failure will most directly affect the wounded prey. My four bladed fixed blades do just fine as long as I hit where and what I am at. Yeah that does take countless hours of practice but thats why we hunt with the bow. We like the work. There are I am afraid no quick fixes.

  • Bryce Ledbetter


    What fixed blade broadhead would you recommend for mosse? I'll be in BC this October, so no mechanicals.


  • Annoyed

    One of the most important choices as a bowhunter is what brand broadhead you use. Not scouting, not practicing with your bow for hours and hours to confidently take a shot at game within ranges that are comfortable you. No, the broadhead you choose is. People have use all kinds of arrowheads(including those made from stone and flint) with great success. How much did rage pay you to write this advertisement?

    • Melissa Bachman

      Sorry, I wasn't be paid to write about Rage. I've just have had some great luck with it and wanted to let people know about a new broadhead that has worked for me. Also note, I said one of the most important…I didn't say THE most important. Of course scouting, practicing, and shot placement are incredibly important and I don't think a seasoned hunter would think there is any one thing that would make or break a hunt. Sorry if writing or opinion annoyed you…

  • Jana

    I think what Melissa was trying to say is that for HER the rage expandable broadheads WORK. Many bowhunters have questions as to whether they should be used when pulling under 70 lbs or on big game. Melissa was showing what works for HER. Melissa is an experienced, hard core hunter who has put in the time, energy and commitment. Keep on keepin' on Melissa and let your 'haters be your motivators!' Congrats on some great hunts!

  • Ross

    Rage broadheads are amazing! light and great penetration and cutting diameter. Ive had nothing but good luck with them. Fixed blades suck compared to expandables…they do not fly near as straight consistently

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