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HUNTING’s 2013 Big Game Forecast

by Joseph von Benedikt   |  November 10th, 2013 4

2013 Big Game Forecast

With massive predation, horrific winterkill, and the effects of poor nutrition caused by way too many consecutive drought years, the West is suffering under a triad of conditions adverse to healthy big-game populations. That said, you can still have a good Western hunt this fall. You’ll need to do more research, search a little harder for an over-the-counter (OTC) tag or leftover permit, and hunt like you mean it, but it can be done. After conversations with state biologists and wildlife managers in nine different states, here’s our analysis of what you can expect for big game hunting, along with a few backstage pointers for success.

  • dogpa

    Why no forecast for California? We are in the west aren’t we?
    I understand that most of the country thinks we’re whack jobs, but those of us that hunt and fish are trying to uphold American traditions and values while we’re stuck out here.
    By the way, quail numbers look to be down, deer numbers too in SoCal, just been too dry for too long.

  • Chris

    Thank you Dogpa …… I hunted for 40 years in NC, SC, GA, AL, and TX…. Been in California for 10 years due to family obligations. People don’t realize how difficult the huge Sportsman population here struggles. We need their support, but all they ever hear is the crap that comes out of the San Francisco Bay Area and L.A. I know that I despised CA politics and laws ( that had to be challenged by other states to prevent precedent ) before I moved here……. And more so now. This state is beautiful. It’s a crime that the two major urban areas run it. I’ve found that if you exclude those areas and most of the people in them, that the rest is just like my home heritage and culture.
    I’m moving to the Rogue Valley area of southern Oregon next year because of these issues. They actually had a front page article in the Medford newspaper for hunters outlining the changes in DFG Regulations for this year and tips for success.

  • Chris

    Additionally, I was in the Catskills of N.Y State for awhile. Those people suffered the same issues that we’re being dished out by the NY City crowd. Rural PA and NY is also extremely beautiful and pristine. The people are friendly and helpful to strangers. I think the largest obstacle to overcome would be to organize the true majority ( nation-wide) to to vote for those people that express support for their lifestyle.
    A good start would be a proposition that would allow the CA DFG to do their job without interference from politicians and the anthropomorphic urbanites.

  • Long time

    Only 9 states? Not a helpful report

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