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International Hunts to Plan Before You Die (Or Get Really Old)

by Craig Boddington   |  March 12th, 2013 3

All hunts are good, but some are better than others. Some are just more rewarding in overall experience and more satisfying in the memories they yield. It isn’t just about the animals—it’s also the country you see and the people you meet that make certain hunts especially memorable. Sometimes, too, hunting memories are measured in volumes of sweat. Some of these hunts aren’t for everyone, and some should definitely not be left until the very last minute.

On the other hand, the good news is this: Hunting memories cannot be measured in dollars spent. Some of these hunts are a little pricey (which is why I’m driving a ’99 truck with 240,000 miles on it!), but others are not. This is a list of some of the best international hunts you should plan before you die—or get too old to go on such an adventure.

  • Brian Dungey

    Craigs always a good read, but the biggie he’s missing on his bucket list is hunting Sambar deer with scent trailing hounds in the mountains of Victoria, Australia, and all you pay for is a game license, about $70 for a years hunting. A cheap and awesome hunt.

    • Sam Freedom

      $70? Put a shrimp on the Barbie for me, eh?

      • Brian Dungey

        Sam, for about $70 a year we get to hunt Sambar deer (Stalking and with canines), Red deer, Fallow, Hog deer, Chital deer, 9 duck species, quail, pheasant, rabbits, foxes all on public land and in some national parks. But the pick of our hunting is still Sambar with hounds

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