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Liam Neeson Eats Wolf Meat, Pisses Off PETA

by Dylan Polk   |  January 31st, 2012 40

The_Grey_PosterActor and certified badass Liam Neeson has never been a friend to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The animal-lovers put a bullseye on the Irish-born actor in 2009 after he told The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart about the superb conditions of New York’s carriage horses.

Now, PETA is going after Neeson again, this time for dining on wolf meat while on the set of his new movie, The Grey.

According to The (Vancouver) Province, director Joe Carnahan ordered four wolf carcasses from trapper Dick McDiarmid of Smithers, B.C. Two of the carcasses were to be used as props — the other two, however, became the crew’s lunch.

OK, not everyone involved with the movie tried it, but Neeson was reportedly down with a little wolf jerky.

From the beginning, the animal rights camp hasn’t been big on The Grey, which follows a group of Alaskan oil workers stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash, all the while evading a pursuing pack of wolves. Groups like PETA maintain that the movie only makes wolves look like bloodthirsty monsters.

We’ll concede that wolves aren’t rampaging monsters of the wilderness, but they are territorial animals and can be dangerous to humans and destructive to ungulate populations. In any case, it’s not as if the cast and crew went out and slaughtered an entire pack of wolves. If it’s already dead, is it so wrong to eat it? Waste not, want not, right?

Have you ever heard of anyone eating wolf meat? Think Liam is even more hardcore for trying it?

  • A. Nonymous

    Having eaten dog I have to wonder if wolf is as sweet tasting?

  • Rick Pierce

    I like Liam's stuff very well he is an awesome actor and this just gives me all the more respect! To each his own! Dont allow others to dictate!

  • dennis

    and the difference between eating wolf and a t bone is???? these do gooders should find a better use for their time. go for it Liam.

  • Ron

    Anything that pisses off PETA is ok by me

    • MLee

      Agreed if PETA is pissed OFF u are probably doing something RIGHT not WRONG. You're in a scary place if PETA actually agrees with u. Morality, Justice aren't the cornerstones of PETA, emotional short-sighted liberal petulance IS they have a patent on this kind of behavior.

  • Wayne

    PETA: people eating tasty animals!

  • gary bruce

    peta sucks- plain and simple. We need to outlaw that group.

    • @Sweetbearies

      So you advocate living in a dictatorship then? That is what Hitler did in Nazi Germany, he started out by outlawing groups that he did not agree with, banning religions that would not pledge allegiance to the state, and eventually sent Jews to concentration camps. There is something called freedom of speech where you have the right to disagree with PETA, and they have the right to disagree with you. I tend to eat vegetarian many days of the week, but really do not care if people eat meat. On the same token I have met some meat eaters who are just as judgmental and rude as they claim people in PETA are. For instance, rude and ridiculous comments made to my face just because I did not eat hamburgers at a party like everyone else, and opted to eat a veggie burger. I never went around telling people I was better because I did not want to eat the hamburger, but the meat eaters had not qualms about speaking down to me.

  • Carl from Okla.

    Having eaten Mountain Lion, bears, and the poor little Raccoon, as well as alligator, I can only say that meat eaters (czrnivores) are indeed tasty, especially the Lion, wonderful!!!

  • Bruce Point

    Its all protein PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals . The biggest hypocrites.

  • logan

    Some orientals think dogs are a delicasy; we are the top of the food chain so pass the wolf gravy.

  • John Dorne

    If you think Grey wolves aren't blood thirsty killing machines. Maybe you better come and see what they are doing to the deer, elk and moose popuation in MT, and surrounding states. Not to mention cows, sheep andhorses. You city people just have no idea about life. Probably why we have the elected officals we have.

  • George Price

    speaks volumes to the theory that "rural" and "urban" should be two distinct voting bodies !!

    • robert krueger

      come to michigan and also see what they are doing to our wildlife plus the farm animals that are killed every year plus scaring people walking there pets on trails and roads in the upper part of the state.let peta pay for allthis damage if they like the wolf so much instead of the different states paying for damage done by there pet wolf

  • bob krueger

    put oeta out there in the wilderness with no food and apack of wolves chaseing and see if they can survive,look at michigan and see what proplems we are now having with wolves killing animals and terrizing different parts of the state with over population and no control yet on them.

  • Livin Withem

    These folks often claim that "problem wolves" are trapped and relocated. Anyone supporting the re-establishment and maintenance of a wolf population should be required to register their home address so the responsible trapping agency has a quick list of release sites. Let's see how they like living with them. And let's see how many wolves magically show up in dense urban areas!

  • Jerry allen, AL

    Its all good, some are better than others. I think the Peta poopers should be dropped off to defend themselves in wolf infested country. These birds would be singing a different tune when they are on the lunch menue.

  • Xavier Onassis

    I wonder why the local PETA chapter, nearest the movie's shooting location in the British Columbian wilderness, didn't protest… wait, I forgot, that would involve being able to navigate without freeway signs and also to actually survive a day in the wilderness. I wonder who cried for all the vegetables plucked mercilessly from the ground, sliced and served raw in salads at the craft services trailer on the set of "Attack of the Killer Tomatos?" I mean, just because the protagonists were fighting for their lives against an onslaught of rogue tomatoes in the story line didn't mean the actors had to actually EAT tomatoes on the set, right? I guess I've had one too many pointless debates over hunting with anti-hunters content to call me barbaric before taking their kids to KFC for some cage-raised dead bird still on the bones. I can respect true Vegans who at least practice what they preach, but PETA's general hypocrisy just disgusts me. Y'all keep screaming, while my hunting license fees keep paying for habitat preservation for your poor little Mexican gray wolf packs as they terrorize regions where they were were never indigenous to begin with.

  • Rich Haas

    my respect for the man has grown

  • WinMag

    PETA makes me sick. Don't those people have something better to do. Probably a bunch of bleeding heart Democrat's. They probably side with the President right now. Same kind of people that stopped the hunting of mountain lions in Colorado and other states. Look what happened… In case the PETA people are reading this the lion population in Colorado and other western states got so bad that several hikers, fishermen, and trail runners were attached, killed, and mamed. Wake up PETA and get a life. Maybe the wolves would like the PETA's served rare………

  • timbigD

    Wildlife did JUST FINE by itself , just look at what we had before LEWIS AND CLARK ever set foot out west. Millions of bison, antelope and elk not to mention the apex predators grizzlies , wolve and mountain lions It is humans who F'kED everything up not the predators. . As for Lliam eation wolf , turnabout is fair play, but since wolves ARE NOT man-eaters ( 1-2 cases over 250 years in N. America) we will have to shanghi his ARSE to africa and let the lions have at him! P.S. – I bet even the" ghost and the darkness" would have declined , they had better taste than to eat a third rate hack!

  • Lycaeon

    I guess it should be a surprise that the comments on a site called "PetersonHunting" would be so nearly uniformly prejudiced and uniformed. It's a wonder the people that have commented here (timbigD excepted) can even manage to use a computer judging from the complete idiocy of their comments.

    There's simply no excuse to be so completely uninformed in the day and age of Google or Wikipedia. The contention that wolves have in some way damaged other game populations is totally unsupported by the science. Wolves are opportunists that take the weak, old, very young and otherwise infirm. If game herds have lost vigor in recent decades it's because the animals that should be transmitting the best genetic information are the ones that you idiots with rifles are taking home as trophies to mount on your walls.

    Without the culling of the inferior animals the wellbeing of the whole herd suffers. WIthout wolves taking the animals that are of poorer quality, too many animals reproduce, too many survive and the end result is catastrophic destruction of the environment, a loss of sufficient foliage and ultimately disease, starvation and death. Herds are completely capable of collapsing when a lack of predators allows them to run amuck. Hunters taking the prime animals only makes this situation worse. So if you're unhappy with the quality of the game you hunt, blame yourselves and the ranchers running cattle on BLM land that have destroyed the feed that wild herbivores depend upon.

    Sure I know have of you ignorant, uneducated rifle toting rednecks are going to try and rip me a new asshole but just so you know, I come from a ranching family and have been a wildlife biologist for over 25 years. Anyone else have that background? No? Then maybe you should educate yourself or else SFTU.

    By the way, the actions of the cast and crew of the grey are reprehensible even as the behavior portrayed in the film is laughable. 250 pound killer wolves? Give me a break. Fighting a wolf with broken bottles taped to his hands? Maybe the dumbest movie weapon in history. Sharks with lasers on their heads is more believable.

    If this is what the people in this country find entertaining, it's really true what Richard Feynman said "There's always room at the bottom". I just didn't realize he was talking about us. (don't know who Feynman is? Look it up. And while you're at it learn something about ecology. It isn't just about how many point were on the buck you popped with that high powered laser sighted sniper's rifle.)

    • seriously…

      Are you kidding you think they cull the sick and the wounded? Do some research. The jackson hole moose herd is now completely extinct, thanks to wolf reintroduction, and three other western elk herds are at 20 percent of norm. I guess they were all "sick, infirm, and wounded" lol. Wolves breed like dogs, have no natural enemies. They kill everything, then the prey base collapses, then they are starved and die off "naturally" in huge decades long swing cycles. If that's your ideal of wildlife management, you can have it.

    • @Lakan_Kildap

      You're a wildlife biologist and you chose to hide behind a handle/alias?

      • James

        I can't believe all the losers on this site who think PETA isn't doing a honorable act. Extreme acts are the only ones that get visibility in this sick world. The fact is WOLFS ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES and should be treated as an extremely rare resource. NOT this …unrealistic view of the privilege few who have money.

    • Bob

      Really? Then we need to find out who gave you a degree and de-certify them from teaching. You checked out the Lolo region of Idaho, Captian Dufus? I think you are too stupid (or at the least, mis-informed) to argue with, but BTW — the absolute stupidest movie involving wolves is THE HUNTED, where Tommy Lee Jones frees a wolf from a snare and puts a little salve on it's paw. Wow. That's real-world stuff-huh?

    • chris

      Hard to believe anyone claiming to be so smart still clings to such myths. Wolves are opportunists that take everything they can, and even sometimes eat what they kill. The weak include the best rutted out bucks and bulls, pregnant cows and does, any thing in deep snow. Cow calf ratios are well below sustainable levels in much of the wolves range, but I supppose you will tell me that wolves running pregnant cows till they abort and killing calves after they are born has nothing to do with that. I sure hope you're not some kind of teacher or professor.

      • timbigD

        Everything that you "claim" wolves do is EXACTLY what human hunters do to all wildlife – tenfold!
        Just imaging how ON EARTH elk , bison, pronghorn, wolves AND grizzly bears ALL managed to survive in the millions ( up to sixty million bison were on the plains before Lewis and Clark !) without.
        Strangly enough all populations suffered massive declines or were wiped out for all practicle purposes soon after the arrival of " civilization"! I bet you blame the extinction of the dodo bird, the passenger pigeon and others on wolves as well!

        • GRH33806

          What exactly do you propose to do with the "how many hundred million" problem people in the United States? (7 BILLION world wide) Or do you think it is only hunters that compete with animals for habitat?

    • MFDavis

      Why are you trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes? You are obviously not a wildlife biologist. If you were you would not telling propoganda b.s. to try and support your case. You information is false and based on emotion not on facts. Wolves do kill healthy animals. They hunt in packs and don't care which animal that they attack. Wolves are opportunistic, they kill the first animal they come upon when hungry, whether it be an 800 pound cow elk, a newborn deer fawn, or farmer Joe's milk cow. Before you go spouting off on something that has no factual base, check your emotions at the door. Study up on the subject, get the true facts. By the way, the articles that you seem to be getting your information from off the internet were not fact based. They also were emotionally charged rants that somebody wrote to try and sway people like you. Remember, everything you find on the internet is not all fact. It is a lot of opinions, most of which are posted by people who were misinformed, just like you.

      • timbigD

        Hunters TAKE only the best animals in the herd, genetically speaking and do NOTHING to weed out the sick , week or otherwise unfit. Given the choice I would choose wolves and mountain llons over hunters to keep the balance and health of not only the prey animals direcly involved ie, elk and deer BUT the whole ecosystem that they inhabit. .

  • Alibu

    I'm not a big meat Eater but that's my choice but the way I see it is if they were already dead and weren't killed just for the movie then it's fair game! Like I understand PETA are all about animal rights but back down a bit there buddies actin like your the wolf agents they're in the movie and will always be remembered as the wolves Liam neeson called mother fuckers don't be hatin' on them !! Like I said I in my own opinion think it's ok once they were already dead in a nice way(if there is such a nice way to be dead).

  • SLY

    It appears that Lycoen is a couch potatoe ,a non reader and definitly anon outdoors person.He does not even know that some wild animals,including bears and cats,kill for devilry.I have seen it.Do these clowns
    believe everything they are told without checking it out for themselves? I also read that the people that run
    these organizations make good money.They have to twist the truth to get the donations.

    • svenjamin

      you've "heard" they make good money? Take your own medicine and do the research to find out for yourself and I think you'll find the opposite is true. Your comment doesn't hold water.

  • @Lakan_Kildap

    scientists will soon discover that plants are self-aware and have feelings.

  • Ron

    I went to see this flick, I my thoughts were that this is a great watch, although the wolfs do eat people in the movie, this is far from true in the real world. Trust me city folks. In the movie the wolves do prey on the worst wounded first, and this is how they do it in the real world with wild animals, they do go after the weak first a deer, moose, elk.etc… however that's not from saying they do not kill well off animals, cause they do. Wolves are very hard on big game and there young. I think if they want to protect the wolves, put them in the city where they can't get out and the people that want them can babysit them. We don't need them in the woods where we the hunters are trying to protect our game that we pay to hunt from wolves.

  • Paul

    Okay… So peta's stance is that the wolf isn't a predator.. having lived in territories where this sweet little species has been reintroduced and reeked havoc on some of the live stock I'll just say peta is pull of crap. I can't wait to see the movie.

  • Mike Przygoda

    as long as the animal was taken legally and no laws boken, why not

  • go2canoe

    Wolf-the other red meat….Does peta get upset when reality shows make people eat tarantula's or cockroaches etc., I think not….hmmmm, I see, only when it suits them or their "cause"—go2canoe

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