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Arizona Big Game Camping Cougar Mountain Lion

Man Fights Off Mountain Lion with Frying Pan

by PH Online Editors   |  May 16th, 2012 19

Wildlife experts frequently remind campers, hunters and hikers what to do should they encounter a mountain lion. Hitting the big cat with a frying pan is probably at the bottom of the list.

Nevertheless, a Chino Valley, Ariz., man grabbed his cast-iron pan — his closest weapon — to fend off a cougar after it attacked his dog earlier this month.

According to The (Prescott, Ariz.) Daily Courier, Brandon Arnold, 24, was camping with his girlfriend, Tessa Gerdes, and seven other friends — including three children — early in the morning on May 4 in the Tonto National Forest when a mountain lion attacked Arnold’s dog, Apollo, a 90-pound lab-pit bull mix.

Arnold’s friend, Donald Jones, grabbed the cougar by the neck thinking it was another camper’s dog, then (wisely) let go once he realized what he had grabbed. The puma high-tailed it into the woods, with Apollo giving chase, so Arnold and Jones gave chase with whatever weapons they could grab; Arnold grabbed a cast-iron frying pan, and Jones grabbed a table.

Arnold reached the animals first, and once he got a clear swing, he took it, smacking the cat in the head.

“The first time I had a clear shot I just swung the pan and hit him right on the head,” Arnold told The Daily Courier. “It was like a cartoon — he just kind of stopped and I hit him again. He got stiff and fell over.”

Arnold walloped the stunned cougar again, knocking it to the ground, then popped it several more times for good measure before another friend shot it a couple times — just to be sure.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department reported Monday that the cougar tested positive for rabies. Luckily, none of the campers were scratched or bitten. Apollo suffered a few wounds, but thankfully had his rabies shots and should be released after a 45-day quarantine.

  • Kellie

    WOW. Well done…as you know he'd have done the same for you (minus the pan!) if the tables had been turned..glad you are all safe!

  • Gaucho

    That is why I keep my Glock 32 on my side when camping.

  • Digital

    It's good to know you are also dog's best friend. Good work.

  • jp338

    It took a lot of courage and love and devotion to man's best friend to do what was done. I'm glad things turned out OK. The situation could have gone south very easily. I always carry a sidearm when hiking and/or camping out in the lower 48.

  • John Johnson

    Good reactions,always survey any place you are for possible weapons. Keep your Glock on you and dont live in condition white like libs want you too.There are four legged and two legged monsters who will kill you.

  • raazorblade4

    Personally I carry an S&W Model 29 .44 mag and have for the last 35 years when I am in the woods…

  • Mickel

    If this was to happen in my state, I would of been sent to jail. California is a great state but the people in government office suck big time. I wish someone would hit them with a frying pan. Michael C. Palm Springs CA.

    • Ridge Runner

      Try and get a permit in NJ.

  • Tim

    He killed a mountain lion to save a pit bull? He should have let the cat eat the 4footed terrorist.

  • SquirrelCutter

    I don’t care who you are, that right there’s funny.

    Man’s dog is attacked by a RABID MOUNTAIN LION and he chases it into the bush with a skillet in his hand and kills the mad cat.

    I lurve me some rednecks man, GIT ‘ER DONE!

    If he was from Oklahoma, he’d be noodling 60 lb. catfish and frying 6’ rattlers he killed on his back porch.

  • J.R. Verdugo

    Ha! You lucked out, buddy! Defending your dog is one thing, chasing that cat is another! I would not have chased it, because it was no longer a threat! BUT it was found that it had rabies. RABIES! It ought to be put down for having that disease–like it could easily attack someone else and give them rabies! Sheer luck or maybe the cat was so sick it couldn't attack YOU! Good luck, because I seen a bobcat attack a full grown man on video–World's Wildest Animal Attacks! I think you're lucky, but you turned out a HERO!!!

  • nevets

    hahahaha, this kid was one of my best friends in eighth grade, then in high school we lost touch. Turns out he became a bit of a tweaker. So that might explain the attacking with a frying pan thing.

  • nevets

    Oh and the lion was rabid

  • nevets

    Can I get a review from criag boddington on whether non-stick or cast iron frying pans are better for taking on the big 5?

  • rose

    Great to legally carry fire power. Remember to vote to keep these rights, or they will take away our rights.

  • rasherquivers

    Really a great story. This one will be told by the campfires for years to come.

  • David

    I Carry a 32-20 Smith&wesson revolver that belonged to my great grandfather he was police chief in the city of mollala oregon From 1951 to 1969

    • Rick O’Brien

      What in the hell is a 32-20 ?????? No such gun,,,(handgun)

  • Michelle

    I'm not sure why he chased the lion when neither him nor his dog were in imminent harm and why did he had to beat the lion when the campers had a gun. At least the lion ended up having rabies….

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