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Melissa Bachman: Best Bow Hunts in North America

by Melissa Bachman   |  November 11th, 2011 7

Although it’s hard to nail down my top five species, it really wasn’t that hard to come up with my top five bow hunts in North America.  These are hunts that truly stand out for one reason or another.

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1. Illinois Whitetails

Illinois 202-Inch Whitetail with Golden Triangle Whitetails

I grew up in Minnesota and was born and raised around deer hunting. I dreamed of someday hunting big bucks, but never imagined the kind of hunting I found in Illinois. Like anyplace, there are not record book bucks around every tree, but it is a place you will kill big deer if you put in your time. I’ve gone a couple seasons without filling my tags, but usually the patience pays off. I was lucky enough to notch my tag on this 202-inch buck during a late season hunt with Golden Triangle Whitetails a couple years back. As a little girl, I probably would have fallen over if someone would’ve told me someday I would take home a 200-inch trophy with my bow, but it happened and there is no one in this world that could have had a bigger smile or been more proud. As a hardcore whitetail hunter, Illinois is my No. 1 choice for a chance at a buck of a lifetime.

  • Dave

    Congratulations Mellisa. An amazing buck.

    I Assume that Golden Triangle Whitetails is a game farm that is managed for trophy animals. That doesn't mean they're easy to kill with a bow. It just means that the bucks you encounter are going to be bigger than average as compaired to non-game farm bucks.

    Have you hunted anywhere in Wisconsin with a bow?


  • Roger Holman

    Congratulations,I will probably never see or harvest a Deer of this quality The deer here in Our lease do not measure up to the deer in Illinois.Our club lease is less than 8000 acres,we have 60 members and we use dogs on sat. hunts. We still hunt about 25 hunters per day the other 6 days, the deer receive a lot of pressure but we kill about 70 deer per year and over a 100 hogs per season. I have killed 2 bucks and 1 doe so far. The 7pt i killed weighed 155 lbs.I am 71 years old and hunt almost every day.During the 2010 season my hunting partner and i went 67 times still hunting plus most Sat dog hunts,which is 16 .I think Petersen's mag. is the best,your writers write good stories and i enjoy going on the trips through your writing.I will never tire of enjoying the outdoors. Roger Holman Sumter S.C.

  • Lynn Koziatek

    I would love to just BE there when you whack a deer like this! Can I go? Just once? haha

  • Skeez

    Now dont go to an outfitter and hunt like u should!!!!!!!!

  • Rolands

    I love this girl,she has good girl.

  • Robert Saindon

    I Melisa, I'm from Montreal Canada and iI like to shoot a deer like this.

    Robert Saindon

  • Denise Romero

    BUrn in hell, you are a killer!

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