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Ohio Man Turns Wild Animals Loose, Kills Self (UPDATED)

by Dylan Polk   |  October 19th, 2011 97
Escaped lion

A dead lion lies by the fence on Terry Thompson's farm near Zanesville. (AP Photo)

A Zanesville, Ohio, man let out dozens of wild animals – including big cats, bears, and wolves – before killing himself Tuesday night.

According to reports, Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said law enforcement officials arrived at an exotic animal farm to find the owner, Terry Thompson, dead of apparent suicide, his body “bothered” by several animals nearby.

Assault rifles in hand, officials were given shoot-to-kill orders, killing 25 animals while residents were urged to stay indoors and nearby schools closed.

A wolf and a bear were also reportedly killed on nearby Interstate 70.

After switching to tranquilizers Wednesday, Lutz said authorities are still searching for three animals: a mountain lion, a grizzly bear and a monkey.

Lutz said the incident began at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday when calls came in reporting wild animals on the loose west of Zanesville.

UPDATE: Oct. 20 at 2:00 p.m. EST

The reports out of Zanesville now have a total  of 49 wild animals being gunned down by police with pistols and high-powered rifles. The exotic “pets” were moving toward residential neighborhoods causing officers to insist some 25,000 residents stay indoors.

According to the county sheriff, there is now only one missing animal in the bunch after authorities took down 18 Bengal tigers, 17 lions, six black bears, a pair of grizzlies, three mountain lions, two wolves and a baboon.

For now, the  last animal to be rounded up is a monkey that may have had a herpes virus, though, it is suspected to have been eaten by one of the large cats.
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For good measure, we took a look at what it might cost to legally hunt this mixed bag of critters. Here’s the official Petersen’s Hunting estimate:

-18 Bengal Tigers (if you could hunt them): $250,ooo each/$4.5 million total

-17 Lions in Africa:  $50,000 each/$850,000 total

-6 Black Bears: $3,500 each/$21,000 total

-2 Grizzly Bears: $15,000 each/$30,000 total

-3 Mountain Lions: $3,500 each/$8,500 total

-2 Wolves $2,000 each/ $4,000 total

-A Baboon…priceless

Grand total: $5,413,500 for the 49-animal hunt

The debate now rages as to how the animals were dispatched. Some say they could have been tranquilized and housed in a local zoo. The officers involved say different. These small town law men are claiming these animals were extremely dangerous and it would have been impossible to tranquilize without risking injury or death.

Our question is what do you think?

  • hollie perkins

    i do not think you should have killed them. they should have been put to sleep and move to a zoo or something.

    • Chairman

      I think they did the right thing…i don't want them in my neighborhood.

      • Rebecca

        I don't agree with you I mean think all those animals being killed when they could have just gone to the zoo.

    • applepickers

      Give them your number so they can call you next time.

    • Rachel

      I agree. I mean they killed 18 tigers, an endangered species. They should have tranquilized them… This saddens me…

      • Blanca

        This was a long time ago, but they couldn't be Tranquilized because the zoo was too far away and they'd wake up befor they even got to the zoo so yeah…

        • Sarah

          Uhhmmmm… It's possible to keep giving the animal the medication that is keeping them asleep, they don't just jump up awake out of nowhere, plus the animals would have needed to be restrained during transport so that they wouldn't get hurt. There would have been ample opportunity to keep them on the medication without putting anybody in harms way.

  • crystal

    this is very scary, are the authorities planning to capture the other animals still on the loose? in which i know will be a very difficult task but this could turn into terror really quick….. sad,sad,sad !! smh

  • Jessica Schroeder

    I completely agree. We have a hard enough time trying repopulate our endangered species and instead of tranquilizing them they killed them. In my opinion thats worse than the neglect they went through with the owner. Unlawful killing. An eye for an eye.

  • Dale Ensiemate

    I believe that all of you should get better informed before you react. Many of these animals were tranquilized with no avail. And furthermore, with 50 large carnivores roaming an area with more than 4 elementary schools in there range, a quick decision had to be made to resolve what could be a very volatile situation. The owner is to blame for his gross negligence and for his lack of interest in the safety of both these animals and the surrounding community.

    • Vicky

      Ohio is to blame for not following up on this man.

    • Emily Kolar

      Then they should of asked someone who knew what the hell they were doing on the proper way to tranq a large carnivore… The people who do it for a living in Africa seem to be able to move Elephants, lions and the such with no problem!!

    • bob devereaux

      I agree, they took care of a dangerous problem…..To tranquilize these animals , you have to get danger close, the amount of equipment needed to move them, and the time and manpower ivolved, the cost would have been thru the roof, assuming they didnt kill and eat someone in the mean time………

    • Lonique Steele

      So what the owner is dead. We can blame him till the day we die but he dead. The day them animals died they were innocent. And had one came on my property I (citizen) would have shot it. That is only because I don't own or have access to a tranquilizer

  • Yaritza

    Reports states that the owner was released from jail just three weeks ago after a one year sentence. It seems that this man had broken the law several times and some involving animals cruelty. SO my question is absolutely NO ONE was aware of ALL the animals that were kept in his property? Who cared for them for that year he was in jail? I get the safety was the issue that drove sheriff to kill all them animals but this could of been prevented. Those animals could of been rescued and saved through out the year the owner was in jail. Shame on Ohio for not having laws that protect our animals! It so easy now to said we had to do it, we had no choice, Ohio you had so many choices and you choose wrong and now you want to justify your cruel action like a public service!

    • Lonique Steele

      You go whom ever you are! Tell it like it is. I couldn't have said it better myself. You should be a lawyer for animal rights

  • scott suggs

    i think they could have went about it a diff way rather than killing all those innocent animals. they cant help it that they were turned loose

    • Remmy

      How? the guy destroyed the pens so they couldn't be put back in, Tranquilizer takes 20 minutes to START TO WORK and it's a 50% chance it will work then IF it's done in the day time, at night it goes 0% Then you have to get within 15 ft on them. Let me ask you, are you willing to get within 15ft of a scared male african lion with nothing to protect you?

  • Debra

    Get over this the law had to do what they had to do. Just like the stupid Pit Bull are we going to wait till they kill a child before we do anything.. Come on

    • Tammy

      What does a Pit Bull have to do with wild animals being turned lose ….. F.Y.I. Pit bulls are good dogs if good people raise them.

    • Lonique Steele

      Pitbulls aren't born that way they are trained to be fighters and if you know anything about pitbulls who are trained to fight, they aren't trained to fight people they are trained to fight dogs. I owed a pitbull and Akita and my akita was more vicious than my pittbull when it came to attacking people.

  • Weston Freeman

    Yall are stupid you would be mad if they didn’t kill the animals and one of the animals ended up killing a bunch of children at a near by school. But instead they killed the animals to protect the public and yall cry and get mad anyways. Its out of your hands apparently your a nobody and the situation has all ready been taken care of so why even get mad and voice your openion. I’m sure the rest of America would just rather not hear it, what’s done is done! The only people that should be in trouble is the people that allowed this man to obtaine these animals, the ones that put them down, well they were just doing their job..

  • Vicky

    I dont understand this at all who was looking after them while this man was in jail??? What is the matter with you Ohio??? You should be ashamed!!! What about the rights of the poor animals? If he had been charged with animal cruelty where was the sheriff then??? Come on Ohio get real!

    • Betty

      His wife was watching the animals

  • MAN


  • monica mathhews

    NO death isn't the answer but in some cases like this it's necessary!!! The last thing that you want is to have your loved one being scraped of the insides of one of these Wild animals! How would you feel having to explain why action wasn't taken & people are dead because of it? what if it happened in your neighborhood? NO you would want to protect yourself that is "our instinct" to survive & protect ourselfs!Law enforcement had a hard choice to make and im sure the people of Ohio are gratefull as the rest of america should be For taking action as swift as they did.No one knows how these animals where treated or the last time they had a meal. What the law enforcement did, WAS & IS logical these are predators they stalk prey in the wild! intinct does'nt go away These are not your average housecats they are "NOT" domestic they have instinct & for those who are upset at the way this was handled- WILD ANIMALS HAVE "INSTINCT" an impulse,a sense, a naturaul force which makes you do things when you have not been taught to do them!! THANK YOU Ohio law enforcement for upholding what you where sworn in to do by protecting your people.:)

    • Vicky

      Law enforcement did not have a hard choice to make. They were just plain lazy and cruel themselves. These poor mis-treated animals should have been dealt with compassion and tranquilized, moved to a zoo.

      • SouthernGirl2

        Why didn't you go out there and capture the critters? Law officers had no choice but to kill the animals. You can't have wild animals running loose and killing humans. Be for real or go get your head checked.

  • Kelsie Warner

    This disgust me.. There WAS a better way to handle this and they know it.. Getting gun crazy was no the answer. It was the NAND fault not the animals!!

    • Kelsie Warner

      The mans fault**

    • Lonique Steele

      I'm on your side

  • Bob

    To any idiots who think the cops could have done differently, you must realize they were PLACING HUMAN LIVES FIRST!!..If you had your way and the animals lived and people got killed,how could you explain to the families that these animals deserved to come before their child,father,sister,mother, or brother?…Yes it is sad…But it's what had to be done…Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply a moron..

  • nessamom

    Agree… the animals shouldn't have been killed, and something should have been done before hand. I think these officers were happy to kill them. This is sad

    • MIKE

      "These officers were happy to kill them."

      That's quite a statement. Care to support that assertion?

      I think any sane person would agree that there were preventative measures that could have been implemented before the animals were released. They weren't. How does that change the best way to go about solving the problem after the animals were released?

    • Brains

      Get over yourself, and to all who think the same way as the above writer… are that stupid to really think officers enjoy pissing off the public and wake up every morning excited to kill a living being? If one of those animals were attacking you, would you yell, "don't shoot the animal, please tranquilize him/her first!!" Or, if that predator was attacking your Child, Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister, would you yell the same thing?? The next time this happens, you go over there, talk to each and every animal that was released, and tell them they are being very very bad, they just might listen to you and go back to their cages where they were starving and probably unhappy, because that would be "the right thing to do".

  • bud

    yeh i kind of agree that the cops got there rocks off killing the animals…it sort of reminds me of the movie Rambo..when the redneck cops had john Rambo pen up in the cave,and they just unloaded on him,and the one creep thinking they kill him says,bullseye ..I'm sorry but there are professionals out there they could of call edin and handle the situation way different.

    • Chuck

      you watch too much TV… They did have time and when your choosing between human like and animal life….human life wins everytime.

      • Emily Kolar

        yah and thats the real sad part we as humans take for granted "everything" and if it get in our way or "threatens" us we just kill it.. we have no respect for anything living on this Earth with us anymore..

        • Remmy

          Yeah no problems, BECAUSE IT'S AFRICA, and nobody's house is a quater of a mile away. PS…Tranquilizer takes 20 minutes to START TO WORK and it's a 50% chance it will work then IF it's done in the day time, at night it goes 0% Then you have to get within 15 ft on them. Let me ask you, are you willing to get within 15ft of a scared male african lion with nothing to protect you? Let's raise taxes to pay for tranquilizer guns so we can put them in every cop's car.

    • Lonique Steele


  • Alicia

    It sickens me that these animals were killed. They were the victims here in this story. It is not their fault that they were taken from their habitat and housed in Ohio and it is not their fault that they were left loose. The authorities should be ashamed of themselves for killing those animals. They are priceless. No wonder animals become endangered. Tranquilizers would’ve done the job.

  • claudia duran

    you guys should of never killed those animals they didnt hurt any 1 and if wasnt there fault they got loose thats just f****** up that you guys did that ……… time just put them to sleep!

    • misanthrope

      Couldn't have typed that better myself. Screw those who voted you down.

    • Alexandria K Blas

      Okay, so are you going to keep dozens of tranqs strong enough to put down lions and tigers Stored in your fridge in case this happens again? Are you going to be able to reload a gun fast enough to take one down if the first doesn’t work? No I don’t think so. You’d be getting mauled! And you would be under excruciating pain, unless of course they claw out your heart, crush your skull, or bite through the majority of you neck practically decapitating you. These animal’s attack when they’re scared and when they are hungry. A man with as many animals as these, I doubt were fed properly. I love animals to death! And would NEVER dream of hurting one if I had a choice and the appropriate time to take action. But in this case there was no time. I would probably be crying while doing it. But nonetheless it would need to be done. So it was done! And if you want to get technical, they WERE put to SLEEP. Only instead of temporary, it was for good.

  • Savannah Ellis

    The people that the sheriff put up to the jobs had orders to kill the animals. I don't think that it is right for the animals to be killed and I don't think that they deserved to be killed. The sheriff had public safety in mind when he told the police what to do. The killing was regretably justified, as they didn't want citizens to be threatened by at least 50 wild animals. I think that they should have tranquilized the animals and then given them to zoos, but they didn't want it to become night time and still have lions and tigers running loose in the suburbs. They also didn't have the means to sedate over 50 heavy carnivores.

    All in all, this IS the police's fault for not keeping tabs on the man and staying informed on what types of animals he had on his property. If they had responsibly preformed check ups on this man, then the damage wouldn't have been done.

  • Jen

    The polices could have handle a better situation to tranquilizers the exotic animals instead of killed them however it the owner's fault that he turn those animals lose and got them killed. Surely these animals did not deserve to be killed. It's sad.

  • Chuck

    Federal Prison….what planet are you from? …. Maybe they should have tried to capture all of them and put them in your neighborhood. A life sentence for every tiger killed…. no wonder our country is the shape its in…please do not reproduce.

  • Hellokitty

    mixed feelings n this one. I love animals and yea i might say they shouldn't have killed them, But to be facedth this type of situation not knowing what is or could happen yeah You might think a lil a differently . Its like something out of a movie. You never know what you would do in that kind of a situation. IM sad so many beautiful animals were killed but I'm glad they got it under control before any people were hurt which very well could have happened .

  • scott suggs

    yeah it cud have happened but they cud also be trapped too without being killed so everyone that is agreeable with this should nvr own an animal in their life that was straight up animal cruelty

  • Conrad Evarts

    Wasting it is the real crime. We need a good Bengal Tiger summer sausage recipe. Jalapeno and nacho cheese covers up the flavor of everything this side of an abscess, try that.

    • misanthrope

      I ought to have you for lunch.

  • Seymon'

    The cops felt that they did not have enough time to wait for tranquilizer equipment. They had to act do to kids could have been killed easily. Yes it is sad they killed all those animals but what choice did they have. The trip thing about people is this. If one single kid and/or person got killed, attacked or
    mamed the whole country would be BLAMING the cops for not acting for the people but it sems as if the cops are still being blamed when they in fact acted for PUBLIC SAFETY..

  • Happy Hunter

    HELLO PEOPLE these were animals. If animals need to be killed to save human life I am 100% for it. Police officers are trained to deal with dangerous situations and I think that they simply did what was needed at the time. I would gladly pull the trigger on an animal myself if it was a threat to me or my family. People need to understand that these were NOT domesticated pets they WERE dangerous animals

  • Rada

    I think the officers in that small town do not get much action…so they were quick to use their guns…They could have tranquilized the animals…but then that would not have made then heros and news worthy…..and there small town would not have been mention on CNN..

    • Lonique Steele

      Tell it! YOu are so right. I agree

  • kerry

    You cant blame the officers!!!! These animals are dangerous!!! I dont like the fact that they had to do like this so needlessly!! Hell its not their fault what they are, but what if one of them ate your kid, mom, dad, sister or brother. I am a hunter and I do not believe in trophy hunting or needless killing, but there is no telling how many lives those officers saved by taking a few!!! Think about that then go hug another tree!!

  • Jack

    I've read the above comments and some I agree with and other I think have lost thier minds! Animals are animals! When it comes to human safty, screw your beloved pets! Animals are killed every day for no reason but to please the fool who shot them! When an aminal is shot to save lives, everyone needs to shut up and deal with it! It's life! Let it go! The officers did what needed to be done in a timely manner and they saved lives! So all you city brats keep your mouths shut!

    • misanthrope

      Why don't you shut up and let animals lovers type whatever the hell they want about what happened to those beasts?! Damn, you make me a ashamed to be human.

      • Alexandria K Blas

        Well if you’re an animal lover then you should have enough intelligence to realize these animals were not like the stray dogs, or deer and elk you see in the mountains. These animal’s have the ability to kill you before you can even run 50 feet. It is sad that the animals were killed. And police are NOT going to keep dozens of tranqs stored up for these types of situations. Bc who could have seen this coming other than the man who owned these animals and those he may have told about them. Yes these animals are gorgeous. Yes it would have been great if they had the tools to tranq and cage these animals up. But they didn’t! When animal’ are scared, like these were I’m sure, they attack. They also were probably not fed correctly either so they were also probably hungry. So stop gripping! I am an animal lover myself. Thankfully, unlike you, I have enough sense to understand the situation for what it is.

  • Ben Petrone

    to you who condem the police for dispatching the loose animals .first i am trying to find out if my Lion (Sarge) and my MT> lion (MEHO) wound up there approx 9 yrs ago .My wife and i use to run an animal rescue center ..We had to give them away as my wife became disabled .I have darted hundreds of animals .None of them went down imediately .When an animals adrenaline kicked in it sometimes took twice the dose of drugs to put them down.and even then it did not alwaws work .i had the state come in to do a test for CWD and they would not listen to me as to which wlk to dart first as i knew their personaltys and they darted the hyper cow elk last .They darted her 3 times .As a person of 18 YRS caring for wild bears big cats i can tell you from experience when the went to move the
    big lion sarge he was wound up and we darted him 3 times but double dosed his reversal they did the right thing. very sad but i pray it was not My sarge the friendly lion who i raised from 8 wks old or my meho


  • Ben Petrone

    sorry for the messed up post above the moderator cut me short and i did not have the space to correct the post .but i hope you got the gist of my message

  • Michael Jones

    Killing these Animals was a reckless and coward act but I guess it was too many at a short notice that the Cops had to get to work off the bat with no time getting ahold of a bunch of sleeper darts in the name of Public Safety. the Animals never asked to be took from the Wild and caged as pets? it's not the Animals fault that the gates were opened up? yeah opened up in a strange land not knowing where to roam? the blame is on the owner who killed himself, the one who opened the gates knowing full well that these animals will one way to the other be harmed. still I'm kinda pissed about the action especially the killing of the Bengal Tigers.

  • Mike

    I think the authorities made the right decision quickly and saved the people ih that area from alot of carnage. I feel that the authorities feel very badly for what had to be done but unfortunatley it is what it is and these animals should have never been where they were in the first place!

  • Mike

    Anyone watching the TV news saw Jack Hanna, universally well-known and respectede zoo curator (Columbus,Ohio) and wildlife expert, state on TV, that the authorities had absolutely no choice but to destroy the escaped animals. Personally, I think it was a terrible thing to happen, but the onus is on the deranged "Nut" that kept these animals in captivity, and then released them with obvious "malice" of forethought"! It was up to the Law enforcement Authorities to clean up that guy's mess, and that is what they did, without any previous training in dealing with situations such as this. If you have to blame someone, then blame the guy who started this, and the State of Ohio Legislators who did not see fit to enact laws to protect exotic animals and humans from similar situations.

  • justin

    If the night would have gone by, who knows how far these dangerous predators would have spread out into the community. I hate to see these animals killed this way,but to spend days trying to track down and capture each one alive would have been a larger fiasco. I think these people who are slandering the action of the police are either extremely ignorant of what was involved in the situation, or have some off the wall idiology. The ideal course of action would be to try to prevent someting like this in the first place. My hat is off to the police who risked thier own safety to protect the community. I am sure they were as disgusted by this as everyone else.

  • Glen

    It is unfortunate that Ohio did not do something about the animals the year before but once they were loose, they were dead. I helped dart two rhinos while I was in Africa. It is a big operation. You don't just go down to the corner store for the needed tools.

  • Don

    It's easy to feel sorry for dangerous animals until they are in your back yard area then the whole thing gets different. People have a right for protection day light was ending and I have been in that area and there are a lot of places animals could have hidden.

    Answer this question. If this happened in your back yard would you want it dealt with immediately or when they got around to it?

  • hunter

    i cant believe some of these comments do you not understand that these are wild animals if you think that this was handled wrong lets put you in the cage with one of the lions with nothing but a tranquilizer gun what these cops did had to be done im sure they are not happy about it just becuase they are cops does not meen that they are not humane i know several cops and they do not like having to get into situations where they have to make the decision to harm someone they have family to go home to they deal with ignorance and the scum of the earth on a daily bases and imagine a world with out them

  • Slash

    Man screws up by keeping wild animals. Man screws up again by killing them all. Wtf. They could of used a tranquilizer, it would of been more humane and better to capture and release to sanctuaries. But no. Get the American police in the and just blow everything away! BRUTAL!

    • Remmy

      Tranquilizer takes 20 minutes to START TO WORK and it's a 50% chance it will work then IF it's done in the day time, at night it goes 0% Then you have to get within 15 ft on them. Let me ask you, are you willing to get within 15ft of a scared male african lion with nothing to protect you? If Jack Hanna says there was nothing that could be done then why won't you believe him?

  • Lonique Steele

    You are so right and I agree. I said the same exact thing. Its is not there fault they had a neglectful owner. I just imagine how each of them felt to see their brother gunned down right beside them as they ran for their lives and then for them to be shot and maybe not killed by the first shot…just to see death coming right before your own eyes

    • Howie Dodat

      Your a moron, animals care about each other like i care about you. But i'll try to keep a open mind the next time i watch another documentry where a female leopard eats her own cubs during a drought.

  • Lonique Steele

    Tell it!

  • Lonique Steele

    Them animals did not have to be killed like that. Ohio need to get their shhh…together. There is no way these animals lived there so long and no one (authorities) knew. They should have been prepared for something like this to happen. Its one thing for me (you) to kill it when our lives are threntened, we dont have access to tranquilizers. Sad. I feel for them animals

    • Remmy

      Let's raise taxes to buy tranq guns for all police cars. For somthing that may never happen again in zanesville, stupid comment lady.

  • kevin

    I live here in ohio and wrk just several miles from where this happened. if any one of these idiots would have followed this as closely as id did you would have known that a vet tried a tranquilizer on a lion and it only pissed it off. it turned and charged the vet and thankfully a trained deputy save that tragedy from happening. the whole situation sucked i feel for the animals and for the family of the people involved. i do not like what all happened and as one of the deputies said he is just thankful no inicent bystandard or child was hurt. no matter what the law here says about keeping exotics this man started out as a rescuer and just got overwelmed. what he did was not right but for anyone to bitch is a hipacrit. think about it next u say its just 5mph over its still breakin the law.

    • nathan

      You said a mouth full buddy (he who hasent sinned cast the first stone)

  • Horse Nut

    Thank you to those who have posted thoughtful comments. While this was a tragedy to the animals, human lives were spared. We have lost sight of the fact that animals are NOT humans and that HUMAN life comes first (God gave us dominion!). Along with that dominion comes responsibility and somewhere in this story the responsibility was lost (by the owner?, the state? who knows!) While tranquilizers would have been the ideal, they were not reality here. I have dealt with MANY tranquilized large animals (namely horses) who do NOT act as anticipated…and they weren't looking at me as a possible meal. The sad truth is from comments gleaned here that some people will always look at those who use guns as animal killers with no remorse. I guarantee you some of those officers will struggle with the outcome, but I thank them for doing their job, protecting the PUBLIC. Thank you!

  • #%%$#


  • BMF

    Neglectful? Does anyone do there research on this story? Cages here and there…Give me a break..I run a retreat for animals..Do you have any idea the time that goes into caring for animals..Between keeping them warm during the winter, cool during the summer, nursing them through sickness, feeding them, cleaning up after them and yes…even loving them. And they even have names..And they want what we all live. And than we are called names and conspired against, because no one can imagine someone giving their time for something less than themselves..I do not know the last time I put makeup on. Very few people in this world have rescues or even one pet. The corruption runs deep in setting people up with rescues .Remember, an legal argument(lies)for seizure or death..Can happen to you…Who really opened the gates? With prize winning horses in the pasture? Think deep people..Do you really believe everything you read? Government doing whatever they want and getting away with it…Time limits and drinks afterward..YOU COULD BE NEXT. What do you do today to make a difference?

  • Sandra

    This just proves it, yet again, that some humans are a terrible embarrassment to our species, as well as incredibly destructive to others.

    • misanthrope

      Well put.

  • MIKE

    Some of you need to take off your rose-colored glasses. There was no possible "acceptable" outcome here. Despite the terrible loss of these animals and their lack of culpability, there was no other safe choice. Remember the potential victims would have been innocent (and human) as well.

  • Venkat

    Well I am from India where at least 10 people mostly children are killed every year by the big cats tigers and leopards. Not a single cat is allowed to be killed even if it is a maneater. They are protected by cash donations mainly from the USA and Europe. If a human life is so precious to people living in these countries they should not be donating money to stop the killing of such animals in other countries other than their own. Next time you want to contribute to save these animals spare a thought for the hundreds of people who get killed by animals and cannot defend themselves because they will be prosecuted if they do.

  • mike

    I am a hunter and I have hunted in different parts of the world so keep that in mind….before you read my comment….

    Anyone who said that killing these animals was the solution is an ignorant person… We live in the new millennia we are not a bunch of blood thirsty Neanderthals…. There are a bunch of different high power tranquilizer guns in the market that can take down a rhino (how else do you think scientists tag rhinos in Africa) so to say the solution was to kill them all is just plain stupid….the zoo in Columbus probably has one or two…

  • dede

    some people on here stupid some people happen to be pet lovers and all you guys can think about is killing them if you anit a pet lover then dont say any thing at all

  • Janice

    You know what I think is ashamed? The profanity and senseless name-calling used in these responses. People should be able to comment without receiving personal attach responses and idle threats. My thoughts on the killings?…I'm not afraid that a zebra or giraffe or other grass-eating animal is going to feast on my family. I have made a fiscal commitment to the ASPCA and my local animal rescue shelters to help prevent this from happening again. His place should have been shut down a long time before this tragedy happened and if agencies like the ASPCA had the funding they needed to investigate all complaints in every state, it would go a long way to keep this from ever happening again.

  • avlarim

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  • Economicsofshame

    Give a bunch of rednecks guns (small town lawmen) and they'll do what comes naturally (shoot animals)
    This was very expensive, perhaps there could have been a more humane and economically sound solution such as letting the tigers live and procreate and make more $250,000 tigers instead of just killing the asset and potential for more assets. Just a thought. Maybe next time go for the tranquilizers first….

  • guest

    excuse me but that is a load of crap they could just have easily been shot by a tranquilizer and subdued that way. You are correct they are not Human Beings but they were living beings. Hunting for food is acceptable hunting to kill is ignorant as are your statements

    • will

      how can they be easily shot by a tranq if there isnt enough of them, you guys have to remember that this wasnt pland, to get all the nesscery eqipment to save them would of taken hours, more time means the animals would of gotten farther away and probly wouldnt have ben cought, i dont like that they wer all killed but it was ether them or the citazens of ohio

  • Nicholas DeShane

    Why the hell did they kill the animals which actually belong in that ecosystem like grizzly's, grey wolves, and mountain lions? statistically these animals posed a very small risk, and killing 18 out of 4000 Bengal tigers is the equivalent of killing 31500000. The law is the law, killing an endangered specie is a federal offense. What about the non-carnivores they shot their was more then one monkey, ohhh it had herpes what if Earls slow son has sex with that monkey we best shoot it. 1000000 hillbillies equal 1/2 a tiger!

  • Corey

    You seriously sicken me. Animals do what comes natural, the kill to eat. Humans are the problem they kill for fun!! Should we just shoot them? Your ignorance is astounding!!!!

  • christine

    It doesnt seem like they had a lot of choice in whether to kill or not. I am sure if they could have just tranquilised them they would have. No one wants to kill innocent endangered animals……….However I doI think people forget that humans should always come before animals and the animals were running loose and extremely dangerous.
    Come on………… if it happened in your town and someone you knew and cared about was out and about what would you say then??? Not sure you would choose the animals then!!

    People say things as onlookers and they dont put themselves in the same situation where things are quite different!!

  • Don Roy

    I am 76 yrs. old, and delt with many animals, both wild, and dangerous others, and I think the police as well as others did just what should have been done! What is your value on one CHILDS, or other persons life? Think about it you tree hugging S.O.B.s? Those are not kitty cats! Good work Police, and other that helped.

  • Judy

    How many animals or people have to be killed before a law is passed to ban any kind of ownership of wild animals, they don't belong in your backyard, so because of the law in the states that allow this, as far as I'am concerned they are responsible for the deaths of all these beautiful animals. How do these animals get into the United States to start with? Why? why are they even allowed into the States to begin with, other than the Zoos and not your backyard zoos then you go to a big barn or wherever and buy them.. God did not create these animals to live in someone's back yard, as far as I'am concerned it's just another form of animal abuse. Don't get me wrong, I'am not talking about animal sanctuaries, and I mean true animal sanctuaries, and those we wouldn't have to have if people would just leave the animals to their natural habitat.

  • nadjapearl

    I disagree I think if they would have disallowed these people to keep them in the first place!! What the hell is wrong with people!!!WE HAVE LAWS ENFORCE THEM!!!!!

    There are people that could have helped capture them!!!! PERIOD

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