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Petersen’s Hunting Episode 2: Cape Buffalo Charge

by Ben OBrien   |  July 6th, 2011 14

Petersen’s Hunting Field Editor Greg Rodriguez hunts for cape buffalo in the Zambezi Valley. The hunt turns dangerous when Greg has to chase a wounded dagga boy into thick brush and faces a cape buffalo charge from seven yards.

  • Conrad Evarts

    That must be CGI there is no mere mortal camera monkey who would just stand there and steadily roll tape on a charging cape buff. Oh wait, yeah there is, me.

    • KC1233

      Your article in the recent hunting annual edition was great. I made my son read it because he just started his second year in college and has been talking about majoring in radio film and tv because it would be an easy job.

      • Conrad Evarts

        Thanks KC, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let him know how extremely exotic and macho it is. I'm laying in Boddington's guest room on polka dot sheets right now getting ready to catch some ZZZ's prior to hunting Sanbar stag in the morning. Oh, and I had half a turkey sandwich for dinner after 12 hours of battling my way through a day of air travel. There are easy jobs out there, and there are jobs that pay out there. This is neither, but I'm nuts so I stick with it.

  • Pete MacMahon

    lousy bolt action form. Come on, the rifle should never leave your shoulder!

  • M. Cory

    Only the rich and famous can get a chance to hunt without to many restrictions as money is no object.

  • Lee Grigson

    Cool heads, fully engaged. Great hunt safely concluded. Thanks for letting us be there with you, Greg!

  • KW

    M. Cory, stop whining and start saving! I'm not rich and I'm headed to Zim in a month. How? I SAVED my money, didn't buy a new truck, didn't buy a new rifle every month.

  • Ron


    I agree w/ you, good luck on your hunt. O and by the way see if M.Cory wants to go with he can carry all your gear.

  • A. Adkins

    Great shot Greg!

  • Sherrill Neese

    What a great hunt! Exciting and rewarding.

  • Derek Gillean

    What charge? Bogus. I have shot dozens of buffalo in Kenya and |Tanzania. Your buffalo is in no way a trophy head. It wouldn't deserve a place in my trophy room, but maybe your room is smaller.. By the way, a sling has no business on a rifle while hunting dangerous game.

    • Ron

      Well I see we have ourselves another bragger on how many animals he has shot. Dozens of buffalo?—- well anyway nice buff Greg, and also where did you get that nice sling? I may have to pick one up for my next lion hunt, I have shot 10 so far, kinda getting tired on hanging onto it.

    • Conrad Evarts

      Charge: to make an onset; rush, as to an attack.


      I was holding the camera. You can criticize quite a few different aspects around what happened in this scenario, but that was a charge. What makes you say "bogus"?

  • Derek Gillean

    Ron, If my ears are working properly, that star of the video claims this is his 13th buffalo. Judging from the horns, he is not a trophy hunter, but a killer. Congrats on tyour 10 lions. I stopped after my first. I could have collected bigger, hairier males but that would have reduced the value of my first. In East Africa the PWH did not use the word kill, collect was their term. I am strong enough to carry my 14 pound double all day so a sling is not needed and can get in tthe way in a pinch. I learned from David Ommanney, Chris "tiger" Lyon, and Mike Horsley all famed PWH's.

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