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Big Game Moose

VIDEO: Yukon Moose Hunting Adventure

by PHTV Adventures   |  July 27th, 2011 3

North America’s largest racks bring Jim Bequette and Savage’s Ron Coburn to the wilds of Alaska for this prime-time rut Yukon moose hunting adventure.

  • http://aol ED ISRAEL BUSH PILOT

    my name is de while living in alaska i shot a 55 in moose

    he was on a hill above my cabin.i shot him once ane he

    went doay to rhe lake.when i approched he divd into the lake

    as he dived i shot him again he went 1oo ft into the lake

    i rowed the plane to him and towsed hi to the

  • nathan

    Wow what a shot, and quite the bull!!!

  • Kate
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