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Bear Blog #3

by Mike Schoby   |  June 8th, 2011 3

Bob Kaleta of Zeiss with his bruiser black bear

Day Three was 100 percent different than the day before.  Calm, sunny and n the 50s – great bear hunting weather.  I sat one of Rick’s remote baits – and by remote, I mean REMOTE!!!  It was probably an hour ride on ATV, most of which through water that threatened to come over the seat.  Once miles back in this swamp it was easy to see why there were so many bears – no pressure, and the bait was literally in their bedroom.  In addition to tons of bear sign, there were wolve tracks everywhere.

I got settled in for a long evening sit, but as it turned out all the action was happening on different stands.  Of over the course of the evening I had one to three bears on the bait most of the night, but none were shooters in this part of the world.  I returned empty handed but full of hope.  What I saw in the back of the trailer when I returned to camp, made my hope even greater—Bob scored on a pig of a bear.  Over 400 pound, this all-black bruiser wasn’t the grudge match brownie he was after but at over seven feet long can you blame him for pulling the trigger?  In addition to Bob’s bear, Doc (our family doctor hunting buddy who has a real name but prefers to just be called Doc), shot a good blackie as well. All in all a great evening hunt at Agassiz Lodge.

The good Doctor is in the house! With a hell of a Canadian bear.


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