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5 Awesome African Bars (AKA Caprivi Shebeens)

by Mike Schoby   |  October 18th, 2011 6

If you find yourself motoring through the dusty thousand-mile ribbon of nothingness known as the Caprivi Strip (Namibia, Africa) you will find few things other than scattered villages, donkey carts (the Kalahari Ferrari), herds of goats and shebeens…lots of African shebeens.  These quaint drinking establishments are to Africa what the classic American Roadhouse is to Texas. You can saddle up nearly 24/7 to wash the dust out of your mouth, pick up a sporting woman (which in Africa can be very sporting) and possibly get in a knife fight.

While nearly identical in diminutive size, rot-gut booze selection and shabby exterior appearance, they create individuality through creative names. To wit, here are our Five Favs in no particular order from recent trips to the Dark Continent.

  • Conrad Evarts

    As a Dutchman and former professional drinker, I see one commonality: GREAT PRICES! Fun blog, thanks Mike.

  • Keith

    Reminds of the Relaxation Stations in Liberia back in the early 90s. Good Beer and interesting atmosphere. Love it!

  • J. Pondoro Taylor

    All hunting involves fabrication to some extent, but I doubt whether these fine establishments are located in Namibia. East St. Louis, Memphis, Compton, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Washington, DC are my guesses.

  • mike schoby

    Actually all are Namibia. Shot every photo myself (along with dozens more) while driving between Kisani, Botswana and Etosha, Namibia this past July. 13 hours of winshield time….

  • JP1

    Way to poke fun at some of the poorest people on earth while you blow thousands on hunting. A-hole.

  • Drunkard375

    You're right, poor people need to get drunk too…lighten up Francis!

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