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Best New Camping & Survival Gear for 2015

by PH Online Editors 0

Every sportsman knows that danger can appear at any given time without notice, whether its a bear attack, a broken… more »


Wheels Afield: The Ultimate Off-Road Car Camp Setup

by Mike Schoby 1

Car camping isn’t a new thing for hunters. Pick up any old sporting magazine from the ’50s and check out… more »


The Ultimate Hunting Vehicle: Earthroamer XV-LT

by Mike Schoby 21

Let’s be clear: The EarthRoamer XV-LT is not an RV. It’s about as close to an RV as a Ferrari… more »


The Ultimate Hunting Trailers

by Mike Schoby 0

I have never felt that camping trailers—at least the “house on wheels” variety that most people think of when you… more »


Grills Gone Wild: Hottest Grills on the Market

by David Draper 0

Sure, cooking over an open fire is a romantic notion, one that resonates deep in our medulla oblongata. But the… more »

Les Stroud

Les Stroud’s Six Ways to Avoid Killer Insects and Snakes

by Les Stroud 3

Creepy crawlies are all those stinging and biting creatures that give most of us the shivers. This group includes snakes,… more »

Brandon Arnold

Man Fights Off Mountain Lion with Frying Pan

by PH Online Editors 19

Wildlife experts frequently remind campers, hunters and hikers what to do should they encounter a mountain lion. Hitting the big… more »

Arctic Oven

Staying Warm in a Tent in Late Season

by Mike Schoby 3

Hunting (even with a rough camp) in the late season can be an extremely enjoyable experience. The smell of a… more »

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