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Grizzly Bear walking

Judge Temporarily Halts Wyoming, Idaho Grizzly Hunt

by David Hart 0

A federal judge in Montana placed a temporary restraining order on planned hunts for grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone… more »

Steve Baxter shooting

Frontier Culture: The Last of the Leatherstockings

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

All outdoorsmen dream of the frontier. A few still live it. Frost Blanketed the Fort Bridger, Wyoming, landscape, and tendrils… more »

Group of hunters

The Hunter Decline and How We Can Fix It

by Andrew McKean 0

We’ve lost 2.2 million hunters since 2011. Here’s how to help save hunting. Doug Hinkle has a trophy room full… more »

CWD Illustration-lead

CWD Funding Dries Up

by David Hart 0

A new bill may provide help in the fight against the fatal disease. The discovery of chronic wasting disease (CWD)… more »


Ghost Cats: Eastern Cougars Don’t Exist!

by David Hart 0

Mike Fies was home getting ready for Christmas when his boss called. A woman not far from Fies’ home in… more »


10 Things You Can Do to Ensure the Future of Hunting

by Keith Wood 0

We live in an extremely fluid world where public perceptions and opinions on issues can change by the hour. Just… more »


Which Presidential Candidate Will Look out for Hunters?

by David Hart 0

It’s not just hunting season. It’s also election season. This year’s race not only will set the tone for the… more »


Hunting Without Apology

by Thomas McIntyre 0

A magnificent male specimen of charismatic megafauna is shot and killed and the public erupts in howls of execration. “Widespread… more »


The Rise (and fall) Of The Whitetail Micro-Manager

by Jeff Johnston 0

My long-time buddy Skip was the landowner, and he was a gracious host everywhere but in the woods. When it… more »


Hunters Are Conservationists

by Mike Schoby 0

Recently, a debate was held by Intelligence Squared U.S. on the topic: Do hunters conserve wildlife? They asked if we… more »

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