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Petersen’s Exclusive: Trail Cam Captures Arrow Hitting Buck

by Eric Conn   |  December 11th, 2012 12

Setup: Double Bull Primos Blind overlooking water and a cottonseed feeder
Shot Distance: 15 yards
Gear: Parker Compound Bow, Easton Full Metal Jacket 400, Muzzy four blade 125 grain, Little Goose by Scott

As a hunting guide and wildlife manager at LongFellow Ranch in West Texas, Aram Barsch has seen his fair share of all that hunting can throw at you.

But rare even for him was the buck he recently photographed with a trail cam just milliseconds after it was hit by a bowhunter’s arrow.

With a 6-year-old mule deer buck standing broadside at 15 yards, Barsch’s client sent his arrow high of the vital region, causing the buck to take a nose dive into the ground. With a shot in no man’s land, the buck jumped up and ran off just after the picture was taken.

After tracking the deer for 120 yards, Barsch said they found the arrow but no deer. At 250 yards they broke off their search, never spotting a drop of blood.

Several days later the same buck showed up on trail cameras, showing off the wound that had begun to heal.

  • David

    I am sorry but that is the coolest picture I have ever seen!! I have captured a buck falling dead in front of my trail camera, but I have never captured a buck with an arrow through it. Thanks.

  • NOVOID!!

    That shot is all backstrap! No such thing as ''below spine and above vitals'' there! Cripes! Get a clue.

    • Carl Lee

      Actually, you are wrong, I am in the veterinary field and yes, you can hit below the spine and miss vitals, not very likely but, it can happen. If that was all backstrap, the arrow would have struck the spinal ridge plates, not likely to get a pass through.

  • darrell

    this is why i don't bow hunt who ever this person is shooting this deer needs alot more time in their back yard and learn distance bow hunter yea right wanta be maybe

    • Ron

      YEA!!!! and I bet you as a" BIG" hunter, has made every shot with perfect placement. Go ahead, respond with the full story, PLEASE, yea right wanta be maybe.

  • elkmtngear

    It happens. Good thing is, that buck will live forever as long as nobody else shoots him. Very cool pic!

  • saglesam

    Millameters is what saved that buck! That shot would have paralized him 98 out of a hundred trimes. That 125 grain hole is bigger than a 50 cal. Not the shot to aim for but it really should have been lethal.

  • Ted N.

    darrell, stop being an ass

  • john

    Pretty cool picture. Fast camera to get the flex in the arrow with the fletching still in the deer. You can really see the deer drop when hit. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  • John

    Yeah, and NOVOID probably thinks the Moonwalk was a setup, too!! Boy, would THAT take some computer
    enhancement!! Wake up, yourself! Having been a bowhunter, I must say it really WOULD take some
    effort to hit a deer THAT poorly at 15 yards. I'm glad the deer survived the shooting, but I must disagree with
    the person who said the deer will live forever if noone else shoots it. My, our "new world" sure does have
    some weird thinking and behavior going on out there. There are absolutely no limits on the weird thoughts
    and actions people have these days. Thanks for sharing the unusual picture. You couldn't make that up!!!

  • Dave

    Wow guys ease back a bit!! Member this guy that shot the buck a little high is a "bowhunter" not a 'sniper' with some powerful caliber rifle. Have some sympathy!!! Wy would you care anyway!!

  • Leo

    Leave her alone. If it wasn’t her doing it, it would be someone else. She gives a lot of good hunting tips that if done right would give the animal a quick death. Besides that there are thousands of hunter out there and some have their own shows, but I hear nothing about them. It seems to me that your attack on her is personal. If you really want to stop hunting go after the sport not the person.

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