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Viral Video: Buck Attacks Dead Buck in Colorado

by PH Online Editors   |  December 17th, 2012 7

As every experienced deer hunter knows, a rut-crazed buck will do a lot of strange things.

Including fight a buck that’s already been killed.

In a November YouTube video submitted from a Colorado mule deer hunt, a hunter is shown with antlers in his hands, talking to the cameraman and celebrating his kill. But then the ordinary goes haywire at the one minute mark of the video. Out of the darkness another buck enters the scene and locks antlers with the dead buck. The scrap lasts several minutes as the camera man is heard saying, “Hey, get away from my buck! Should we shoot the gun in the air?”

That’s one you definitely don’t see everyday.

  • David

    I have seen videos like this, but this one is really cool!!! I have to say man, you styed awfully calm, while watching your massive buck get beat up. I would have shot the smaller buck in less then a heart beat. Congratulations on the buck!! Thanks for posting the video.

  • Jeffrey A Hoffberger

    I hunt there in Colorado and that is the most amazing thing. Luckily he didn't turn on you guys! I wonder what the wildlife guys would say about it? Congratulations guys!

  • Pete

    Hey idiots…. Where do you think that bullet came DOWN??? Shoot the buck, shoot into the ground, but JEEZ! THINK!

  • Keith Gault

    These guys ain't from the south. Had that been a Texas camp that buck would have been down in a heartbeat. Tag or no tag.

  • al kieffer

    very cool video u dont see that stuff everyday nice muley by the way

  • Scott Beckton

    Wow is all I can say!

  • Benjamin Marohn

    im not that shocked iv heard of deer attaking elk statues.

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