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A Disabled Hunter, an Ideal Rifle and an Elk Tag

by Joseph von Benedikt & Kyle Hogan 0

Oxygen is thin at 10,200 feet and the stars lurk close, thinly lighting the pre-dawn darkness in elk country. As… more »


Hornady: Three Generations of Bullet Making

by Joe Arterburn 0

On New Year’s Day in 1981, Jason Hornady’s mother, Cheryl, received a kidney transplant. With Cheryl still hospitalized, Jason’s father,… more »


Father’s Day Gifts for the Gear Savvy Hunter

by PH Online Editors 0

One look at dad’s accumulation of hunting gear and you’re likely to think he’s part owner of Cabela’s. While you… more »


A Very Merry Chris-miss

by David Draper 0

The canyon I’d been hunting that year wasn’t far from the farm. Near enough, in fact, that I knew I… more »


Read & React: Idaho Fish and Game Seeks to Lower the Age Limit for Youth Hunters

by David Hart 2

If the Idaho Fish and Game Department gets its way, 10-year-olds would be allowed to hunt elk, deer, wolves and… more »

5_Class VI Mountain River

9 Ways to Turn Your Hunt into a Family Vacation

by Doug Howlett 0

So much to do, so little time—particularly for the family man (or woman) who loves the outdoors. Besides holding down… more »


Awkward Family (Redneck) Photo

by Awesome Rednecks 1

Awesome Redneck Moment of the Week: Dec. 5, 2011 You have a pet possum. You feel like you need to… more »

Bubble Pic

FUNNY VIDEO: Melissa Walks on Water…NOT!

by Melissa Bachman 1

Getting kids excited about hunting and the outdoors can come in a variety of ways, but this past weekend I… more »

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