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HUNTING Recipe: Goose Breast with Cranberries

by Hank Shaw 0

Geese are tough, they say. Livery, smelly, and hard to clean. Sky carp. All of this can be true, but… more »


Wheels Afield: Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT

by Mike Schoby 0

Google Kawasaki’s latest offering, the PRO-FXT, and you will find dozens of reviews floating around the Web. This should not… more »


The Best Places to Hunt This Summer

by David Draper 2

Summer sucks, or at least that’s what it feels like for serious hunters. Memories of last fall start to fade… more »


Is the .308 a Viable Long Range Cartridge?

by Keith Wood 6

Everyone seems to be talking (and writing) about “long range” hunting these days, so I guess I’ll join the fray…. more »


Ask The Guides: What’s the Perfect Hunting Cartridge?

by Brad Fitzpatrick 2

One of the most popular discussions around any hunting camp is which cartridge is the best for a particular type… more »


HUNTING’s Sexiest Meat Eater 2014

by PH Online Editors 2

This is undoubtedly the year of the meat eater. Hunting participation is on the rise, and those that go afield… more »


10 Great Long Range Scopes for 2014

by David Hart 0

Long range shooting is the latest craze to sweep the hunting and shooting industry. Why not? Thumping steel consistently at… more »


The Best Big Game Rifles of All Time

by Brad Fitzpatrick 2

From the earliest stages of repeating rifle production until the modern day, there have been thousands of different rifle designs…. more »


Meat Eater Revolution

by admin 0
Weatherby Chris Kyle Rifle

Introducing the Weatherby Limited Edition Chris Kyle Rifle

by PH Online Editors 0

Weatherby was at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas to showcase its new Mark V Accumark  Weatherby Limited Edition Chris… more »

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