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Deer Meat — How To Butcher Your Own The Easy Way

by Justin Karnoff 0

Deer Meat — How To Butcher Your Own The Easy Way; Follow these five simple steps to get your game from field to freezer the easy way.


Whitetail Ammo—Why it Makes a Difference on Deer

by Keith Wood 0

Here’s why hunting with a deer-specific cartridge is a smart move What do we want a whitetail bullet to do?… more »


Best hunting packs for 3-day adventures

by Kali Parmley 0

The perfect 3-day hunting pack—durable, comfortable and spacious. Looking for a pack that’s built for a three-day hunting blitz into… more »

Still-hunting is challenging yet rewarding. Still-hunt during the rut or after a recent rain for best results.

5 Tips for Still-Hunting Your Way to Success

by Jeff Johnston 0

Taking a trophy whitetail while slipping through the woods is one of the most rewarding feats of all. Here are… more »

Available SYNC 3 system provides voice- and button-actuated phone controls and includes compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, turning full control of a smart phone’s features over to the driver.

Trucks Electronics: 7 Great Upgrades to Look For

by Drew Hardin 0

Here are some key electronic upgrades worth considering if you’re shopping for a new pickup. In the days when pickup… more »


Text Anywhere With These Three Affordable Devices

by Kali Parmley 0

Staying connected in the backcountry isn’t as hard as it used to be with these three affordable devices. Going off… more »


Best Travel Gear For Hunters On The Go

by Kali Parmley 0

When it comes to traveling near or far to hunt, these five items will make your trip easier. Whether you’re… more »


The Rut: 10 New Commandments for Hunting Success

by Michael R. Shea 0

Deer hunting’s biggest names share their 10 Tips for tagging out in November that God himself wouldn’t dispute. Hunt the… more »


5 Products You Need To Make The Most Of Deer Season

by Kali Parmley 0

New gear to help make this your best deer season ever. For the Midwest whitetail hunter, a daypack large enough… more »

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Try These Four Favorite Wines With Venison

by David Draper 0

The editors of Petersen’s HUNTING pick their four favorite wines to pair with venison (including one white). When picking a… more »

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