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9 Best Hunting Handguns Right Now

by PH Online Editors   |  September 3rd, 2013 6

Often overlooked, handguns have just as much a place in a hunter’s gear as any other lead thrower out there.

Whether used for varmint control, taking large game or as a sidearm in bear country, pistols are certainly capable of packing some serious firepower in a small package. Though the options are more varied than most long guns, there are plenty of handguns available to take down just about any kind of game you might encounter. To make your shopping experience a breeze, we rounded up the best hunting handguns so you can be ready when its time to get out in the field.

  • Pete

    WT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They left out the S&W model 17. I’ll put my mid 80s carbon steel version with a 6 inch barrel up against that Uberti or that Browning any day!

  • capned

    All dumb ,man up and get an Encore chambered for a 30.06 or 45.70

  • odie11

    How could you talk about hunting handguns and leave out the BFR? It has one of the most versatile number of available calibers plus a lot of other options in terms of grips, barrel length and again–numerous calibers. And what about the S&W 500? Or for that matter some of the 357’s?

  • Gary Smith

    Petersen’s Hunting staff used to know what they were talking about – what happened? 9 Best – please! And you wonder why you don’t have higher circ!

  • James Kaleda

    great list, I’m always surprised there aren’t more handguns made with hunting in mind.

  • Gary S.

    Out of your 9 you have about 3 that are worthy. Who writes this junk?

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