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HUNTING’s 50 Most Amazing Photos

by Ben OBrien   |  September 20th, 2013 10

It’s hard for most non-hunters to appreciate our sport. They haven’t experienced the greatest things about hunting.

Maybe it’s an excited young pup bounding back to his owner after his first pheasant retrieve, a son’s first morning in the turkey woods with Dad or the exhausted sheep hunter who hiked miles on the roughest terrain imaginable to finally get his hands on his first ram.

The list goes on.

Every day we go afield we get a chance to make one of these memories and enjoy all the things hunting has to offer. There’s nothing that ties those experiences and memories together like a good photo. It might be a sappy premise, but it’s surely what keeps the outdoor addiction flowing.

Petersen’s Hunting is dedicated to the best photography in the game, both in our magazine and on this website. We’ve found that there’s no better way to tell our story and yours, and maybe even allow indoor city folk to appreciate what we do. To be the best we had to search far and wide for the most gritty, creative, real photographers that not only snap photos, but hunt as hard as anyone. We’re not talking about National Geographic sissies with no street cred. These are the guys that can capture the best images and through that demonstrate the soul of hunting.

To illustrate just how good it gets, we’ve compiled the 50 most amazing hunting photos we could find from five of our favorite photographers. Each photo tells a story and each photographer has been nice enough to share the details behind how these amazing shots came to be. Enjoy.

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