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Booth Babes from the 2012 SHOT Show

by PH Online Editors   |  January 18th, 2012 30

Companies in the outdoor industry know how to get our attention. We know, it might seem cheap, but sometimes a head-turning booth babe can make all the difference. As we run frantically around the 2012 SHOT Show in our tireless effort to bring you the everything worth a look from the world’s largest hunting and shooting trade show, we thought it might be nice take a break from the new products and admire the scenery.

To wit, here are a few of the booth babes. We’ll keep adding more as they catch our attention!

  • DirtyWhiteBoy

    Nice guns ! … And the AR's are cool too !

  • Rick246

    They would look better dressed in Camo and maybe holding a gun or two…just saying.

  • Johnnyb Sergio Iberra Bog

    I like ars again

  • Plumbadrumma

    Those are some very nice Aim Points!

  • DC Dournovo

    Damn !……. guns and babes :)

  • Bob

    What guns

    • Mark

      Bob, it's an optical illusion. If you stare at the picture long enough, two AR's magically appear out of nowhere.



  • wmr

    Gosh. I hate making these decisions. I like them all the same. And im not talking about the guns.

  • WinMag

    308's right next to 223's – got to love um – the guns too.

  • Budha3

    Well the guns are real,but I don't think everything else is!!!

  • Don

    Can I put my head in there and yell hello to see if I can hear it echo?


  • Orion1957

    Nice hardware…. nice software, too!

  • MichiganWalt

    Nothing beats a pair of 44's.

  • Fred Weaver

    Wow!!! Really sweet guns! Perhaps we could make a trade for the large caliber ones? I'm really torn between clevage and triggers.

  • David

    I don't know what the purpose of girls staffing a booth at gun show with their boobs hanging out is exactly….I mean are you there to look at women or guns….really!!

    • Tee

      If you can see both at the same booth, I'm there. If I'm gonna hear all about how this product is so great, I'd rather hear it from her.

  • mark

    didnt see any AR-15's????

  • Jason Cruise

    I would offer this advice to the folks at Petersens: if you need sex appeal to sell your outdoor products then it's your product line, not your booth appeal, that needs improvement. Anyone can use sex appeal to sell just about anything. Crude is always easier than creative quality. If by your own admition "it may seem cheap" then why in the world would you do it? Why would you want anything "cheap" associated to your brand?! – Jason Cruise

    • Guess

      My thoughts exactly. I couldn't have said it better. Show more guns.

  • Guest

    Really? This is the best use of space? I thought this was a serious site…

  • cpr

    Sorry that I just paid for another subscription to Petersen's for my husband. Didn't realize you all had to use sex to sell your magazines. It's bad enough that the outdoor shows on tv have resorted to this tactic, but now you have, too. I guess if that's what it takes to keep your magazine in the black, we should be looking for another magazine to subscribe to.

  • GLOCK 22

    I'd buy that for a dollar!

  • Guest

    We as sportsmen WANT and NEED women, youth and children to join our ranks if we are to preserve our heritage. Please use POSITIVE exposure of people like Melissa Bachman who leads by example. I honestly would expect more restraint from a hunting magazine and am disappointed to see that Petersen's Hunting has even provided space on its pages to provide endorsement for the "exploitation" of females to sell merchandise. Your reading audience consists of WOMEN and CHILDREN as well as men! I have just committed to a 3yr subscription about 2 weeks ago and hope that this will be the last time I ever see an article of this type. I can cancel my subscription just as easy as I subscribed. Please…. I appreciate the beauty of women too, but this is inappropriate.

  • Dan13LA76


  • GTOHunter

    Two Beautiful Women showing off some nice Rifles/Guns….Why's Everyone so Negative…Quit complaining and enjoy the View! GTOHunter in MO.

  • Guess

    I can't believe this! I sign up my son who is 12 for your subscription and the first issue he gets has boothbabes in it. Not only that but tells him how to see more. As if we don't have enough trouble keeping this kinda of trash from him. I thought we were getting a good hunting magazine! If I wanted him to see women I would have gotten him a subscription for that. Guess it will be a long time before I take him to big outdoor shows where you, a hunting magazine, will use women to attract men to their booth. The goal is to keep him into hunting. So disappointed!!! I will be canceling!!!!!!

  • KevinJones33

    Booths with hot babes are definitely a draw for visitors, and provide a perk for them to stay longer. It is a underhand move, but it still works definitely.

  • Sofiarun

    When walking around such an event, it is important to wear comfortable shoes if you want your feet to last the whole day. I have made the mistake of going there in a suit and ended up feeling very uncomfortable after the whole show. Usually I would not join a hunting and guns convention, but after this article, I might have changed my mind.

  • Guest

    What a bunch of prudes commenting negatively. Hope u don't take ur kids to the supermarket or Walmart checkouts. The Womens magazines have pictures on the covers depicting women clad in the same or worse. Are u worried that ur 12yo boys will see some beautiful women?? Do u really think the women or youths are offended by this and won't want to hunt? More likely that u are jealous of them and would be pissed if ur husband or boyfriend looked at them too. Get a grip! Or just go cancel ur subscription.

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