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Cigars are deadly…ooh I’m so scared.

by Conrad Evarts   |  September 7th, 2011 5

Maybe, maybe not. I'll take my chances on this one.

I always keep a small tin of cigars in my daypack. They save lives. They can bring cool to heated situations, peace to troubled minds, build bridges and they make great trading stock in the third world. I make a habit of enjoying one while the experts prepare an animal for transport. Hell, I’m just in the way until it comes time to lift heavy things anyhow.

I buy these cigars in duty free shops when I need them. I usually buy them going through Amsterdam because they sell Mehari’s,


my favorite Dutch cigar. I like the cigar, but mainly I like that the warning labels are in Dutch and I can’t understand them. The catchiest reads, “Roken is dodelijk” and I guess this means “smoking is deadly”. La te dah. Ooooh, I’m so scared.

But this all changed last night in hunting camp. I’d been out for the day with Boddington chasing sambar when I started packing my daypack for the following day, I stumbled on a horrible warning of doom.

This is serious. I’m torn up about this. Will


life be worth living if this warning comes true? Let’s just hope it is simply reckless hysteria by the pro-potence lobby.














  • Craig Boddington

    Okay, we need to clear this up right now! Conrad Evarts has become one of my best friends, and the camera guy I most look forward to working with. But we come from different parts of the country, and our accents can be confusing. A sanbar, missing a letter, is something in a lake or river that eats our boat props. A sambar is a large-bodied, very dark elk-like animal, indigenous to Asia. Just saying, as I often cautioned Conrad (while he was trying to sleep in the back of the Jeep), that it is part of the department of redundancy department to refer to them as "sambar deer" or "sambar stags." In Hindu, "sambar" means "deer." So it's just plain sambar. Blogging can be so dangerous…nobody does it better than Conrad, but once you hit send, it's all over!

  • Craig Boddington

    BTW, for those who care, the Indian sambar is Cervus unicolor niger: Round-antlered deer (cervidae), one color (which isn't exactly true), black (which only applies to older males). Yes, I sound like a mad deer scientist–but as Conrad and I learned, this is a really cool deer!

  • Conrad Evarts

    I fixed it. Me no sound like moron on blog now. Sambar, you're right though blogs are tricky with no editor. It was worth looking a little foolish to get the high compliments.

    I had a great time with you Craig. I look forward to our next hunt.

  • Mike Wodjenski

    That last warning is not such a bad thing in a hunting camp, just sayin'

    • Conrad Evarts

      hee hee. You're right Mike.

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