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Redneck Moments

Epic Redneck Car Wash the Ride of a Lifetime

by Awesome Rednecks   |  April 2nd, 2012 2

Awesome Redneck Moment of the Week: April 2, 2012

Let’s be honest: We all love working on our trucks as much as the next guy, but what with having to break a $10 bill for quarters just to clean off your pickup, going to the car wash is a pain in the blessed assessment. You could also try washing it yourself, but who wants to spend all that money on buckets, soap, shammies and rags?

Well, if you’ve got a good sized waterin’ hole nearby, just Bo Duke that puppy into the pond and be done with it. Insurance premiums may skyrocket, sure, but that’s a small price to pay to knock out your chores like a real redneck stuntman.

  • J3rrYcid

    That is one thing I would never dare do to my car. If I want a car wash, I would spend the few bucks and get it cleaned at a proper car wash. Nevertheless, your little stunt was quite entertaining. It was quite a crazy act of stupidity.

  • Ricca P.

    I prefer to have car detailing in Perth rather than this. This car wash suggestion is not applicable to me. I will not be satisfied after running my car over that because I will just get a lot of mud instead having it cleaned.

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