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Field Test: Best Rain Gear for this Year

by PH Online Editors   |  September 4th, 2013 4

Since we hunters are known to spend hours in the open, it’s a given that we require comfortable, durable attire. While a little rain can never deter a truly hardcore hunter from taking to the treestand, soggy clothes chilled to brisk temperatures make for less-than-desirable hunting conditions. Luckily, there is a multitude of apparel options for the extreme weather hunter designed for the sole purpose of keeping you dry—and they look good too.

We picked up four of the best hunting rain suits on the market and closely examined each one with the help of our new intern Lisa. Since simply poking, prodding and stretching the gear wasn’t enough, and the dry, arid summer at our home office didn’t allow for much actual testing via Mother Nature’s liquid refreshment, we grabbed a hose and a bucket and made it rain. Check out the results.

  • Ridge Climber

    This review was obviously stacked to favor the cheaper brands. Sitka has more reasonably priced rainwear, that accurately fits the point of this review. How was this review even close to complete?

  • Hunting Editor

    The cheapest waterproof full suit Sitka offers on their website comes in at about $792 at checkout. They do offer some cheaper attire that wouldn’t fit our testing scenario here, but as fair as rain gear goes, they tip the scales at way too expensive.

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  • kmcbroom

    I was followed out of the woods by a coyote and it was very creepy. It was pitch black out and it would swap sides of the trail I was on. I had my bow but never could get my bow sights and headlamp aligned. There was more than one coyote but only one came close enough for me to see with my light but I could hear the others sneaking along just out of sight. I knew the one I was seeing was the same coyote because it had a limp. I never have worried about anything in the woods and have came out a mile or more without a light when it was pitch black out. Needless to say I try to make sure I have a light packed always stashing a spare in my pack and forget it then if I forget one I know I still have one in my pack. After this story I think I might just pack a billy club or better yet a small pistol to protect myself from the obvious over population of coyotes. Ken

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